31 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Dennis Was Here

  1. hey Dennis,
    that’s some paw….do you really want your hoomans to know?????? looks like it’s some place you’re NOT supposed to be at…….



  2. I am shore that wuz sumbuddy else’s muddy paw. If yoo consult wif Trubble Kitty, I am shore you will figgure owt some way to frame, I meen implikate, Tucker.


  3. At least you are not a chicken anymore and would have stomped all over the bed with your two dirty feets. You did just put ONE pawprint on, didn’t you? Dennis?



  4. Is there any proof that that was you? I mean, did you leave behind any DNA, or are your paws in some sort of state/national database? Otherwise, I’d just lay low, and Deny Everything!

    *kissey face*


  5. I showed your photo to my dog. She is so well behaved that she looked at the photo, glanced over at the bed, looked back at me with her “I would never” insulted look and left the room.

    Happy WW!


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