32 thoughts on “Spies Like Us

  1. Does the chicken gun turn people into chickens? Can only a chicken operate the chicken gun? If a dog shot the chicken gun at someone human would it turn that person into a dog? Like Dennis? Too many unanswered questions here this morning. I just hope Trixie gets the gun, she is so beautiful and would know what to do with it.



  2. Now I’m worried. I think Trixie might (possibly) be trusted with the chicken gun, but the rest of you? Eh, not so much… I’m going to have to turn on CNN to see if there is a sudden growth in the chicken population!

    *kissey face*


  3. Dennis
    I’m sitting on pins and needles..who got it??
    A space waygun is a vewy scaiwy weapon..I hope whoevew has it uses it fow good not ebvil
    smoochie kisses


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