Nobody Expects The Wal-Mart Inquisition

After being betrayed to the Mark-Downers by Logan, I have found myself carted off to a desolate warehouse that apparently dates from the 20th century, a relic now here in the 23rd. This moldering, vacant space seems like the perfect spot for the harshest interrogation imaginable. I can only wonder what ruthless torments the Mark-Downers have in store for me …


All business, the Mark-Downers quickly begin questioning me in a most severe and astonishing fashion:


When one approach fails, they switch tactics, each more ruthless than the last:


Things become even more tense when the head Mark-Downer appears to express his dissatisfaction with the progress of my interrogation:


Then, just as I am about to start shredding the stuffie with the broken squeaker, something completely unexpected occurs!


Disguised in the uniform of one of the Mark-Downers, Logan has infiltrated the warehouse to rescue me! Taking the other Mark-Downers by surprise, he quickly subdues them; and once we are outside, he explains what happened:


After saying my goodbyes to Logan, I enter the Doghouse of Justice and set a course for the 20th century, and home. I return armed with knowledge of what horrors the future holds.


Can I prevent what I have seen from coming to pass? Or, through the paradox of time travel, would my attempts to avert the Retail War in fact cause it? We will see what happens. All I know for sure is that, in the 23rd century, there is a selfless hero named Logan who remembers that I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up.

Meanwhile, in the 23rd century …


18 thoughts on “Nobody Expects The Wal-Mart Inquisition

  1. Dozer’s Mom says: You’re right, I didn’t expect the Wal-Mart Inquisition! I guess I never thought Wal-Mart employees could be so enthusiastic about their jobs. 🙂


  2. Dennis,
    watch out for the reservoir dogs. They are a rough bunch, but I guess you outfoxed them. Or they just confused themselves.



  3. Domi, the therapy dog, has passed to the Bridge this weekend. Our blog contains her last letter to her friends. Please come to visit. It would mean so much to our momma and then go to Domi’s blog to offer condolences. Momma is crying a lot today.


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