friday flyball!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel wile we try to figger owt how to git to the chikkin planet and also try to find that moskeeto wot tucker thinks he heerz buzzing arownd in heer i thawt i wood show yoo sum preevyusly unseen pikchers and futadj frum my last flyball turnamint wot okkerd last munth in the mithical sitty of chewla vista wot is sowth of the other mithical sitty of sandy eggo chek it owt!!!

ok wel first heer is owr ballistic racers tent as yoo can see beeing at a flyball turnamint is mutch like beeing a bedooin owt in the desert eksept that their is no desert and no camels and no bedooins but luk their ar tents so its just eksaktly almost entirely the saym thing!!!

this is the ballistic racers tent and its ware i hang owt

and wot goze on inside the tent yoo ask??? wel agin mutch like a bedooin tent their is lots of fud:

fortchoonatly tucker is not heer or else all this stuf wood be on the floor

and their ar soft kushons on witch wun can sleep if wun is so inklined:

oh and also their ar lots and lots of dogs heer ar just a fyoo of them!!!

“is that thing on???”
“why yes theez ar the laytest neepads just in frum the fashun show in paris!!!”
“hav yoo seen my fedora???”
“am not a dog. am a black panther wayting for prey.”
“did sumbuddy say skwirrel?”

and of korse wunse in a wile we ar kalld upon to snatch the tennis bal frum owt of the klutches of the eevil tennis bal eeting boks:

why ar yoo giving the bal bak to that boks wen yoo no we wil only tayk it away frum it agin???
yoink yoink!

ok now heer is wot yoo hav al ben wayting for it is sum flyball viddyo!!!  go teem go teem go teem!!!

i am not kwite at ful speed in this viddyo on akkownt of i wuz a bit diskombobyoolayted but stil my teem the rocket racers kaym in third and my sister teem the bullet dogs kaym in first both teems ar part of the ballistic racers flyball teem so we did pritty wel!!!  ok bye

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28 thoughts on “friday flyball!!!

  1. You were still faster than me, plus you actually came back in a straight line which must take practice. I think I would like the lying around under the tent and eating part of flyball.



  2. We just loved seeing all those great pics of all the dogs.
    We think Dennis that not only are you the cleverest dog in the whole universe but you are also the fastest.
    love you lots from your slow plodding pals
    Martha & Bailey xxx


  3. OH DENNIS!!! I want to be on your team too!!! I LOVED this post – it was SO cool watching you and meeting all the dogs on your team. I have never tried flyball but given my tennis ball obsession, I think I’d be really good at it! My humans tell me that they have flyball in Australia where we are moving to next year so I may get to try it out when we go there (hee! hee! something for my retirement!)

    Wow – I thought all the dogs moved so fast (including you!) – you really did look like whizzing bullets! 😉 I suppose if we had a competition with just giant breeds, it would probably be called “slowball” – ha! ha! 😆

    Honey the Great Dane


  4. Dennis – that ALL (eating, sleeping, running) looks like so much fun. You were all very disciplined about the jumps. In obed., I sometimes bypass the jumps and go directly to the dumbell heheh! Very impressive. A lot of the splashy dog people take their pups to Flyball, but until I saw your video, I really didn’t get it. I still don’t, but enjoyed the video. How does that tennis ball box work. Is it a fun puzzle? I’ll have to investigate. Thanks for sharing.
    xo Hugs,


  5. I could do that eating and sleeping part. I’m not so sure I could run in a straight line and jump over things and not get distracted by other doggies. I’m also not sure that I could be so quick about getting the tennis ball out of the evil tennis ball eating box…

    *kissey face*


  6. Well if I liked other dawgs enuff then I spose I could prolly do that. I mean its jest running and jumping a little and going down to the end and getting a ball… a ball… BALL?? BALL?!? Who sed BALL???? Ware? Ware is it!?? I want it!!! Gimme the BALL! OMIGOSH I WANT THE BALLLLL… Er… Um wut wuz we talkin bout?

    Aktually now that I thinks bout it Dennis I thinks you is prolly a lot betters at this sport then I would be. I does not think I kin take turns and you is so polite on that video.

    Yer pal Dozer


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