Despite taking special care to set the controls of the Doghouse of Justice properly this time, I find myself watching helplessly as the years spin backward, ignoring my efforts to manually override them.  I have begun to suspect that this Doghouse of Justice, which, as you may recall, I found abandoned on Planet Petco, may in fact be defective.  Perhaps that is why it was sitting in the clearance section while Planet Petco was overrun by Kongleks.  In any case, I can only hang on for the ride as I am taken through space and time and deposited in the land of mayhem and intrigue known as the Roman Empire.


Unfortunately for me, rather than materializing in, say, one of the famous Roman baths or palaces, the Doghouse of Justice deposits me in the dusty, violent enclosure of a gladiatorial pit, directly between two men locked in mortal combat.


As the crowd boos the interruption, I make a dangerous miscalculation as to what sort of event I have inadvertently stumbled into.


Before I can correct this misunderstanding, I find myself thrust as an unwitting participant into their deadly game.


Instead of being back in my office at the university, I am now locked in a struggle for my very survival, for the entertainment of the bored Roman populace. But I will find a way to prevail and escape — because I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up!


21 thoughts on “Dogiator

  1. Oh Crap is right! Love the helmet! But miss the fedora. Hey Dennis did you see my pop star video over at the purple hatter? I am not sure if I like your beard, it kinda makes you look like a rabbi.


  2. Hmm. If I recall from the movie, the tigers were often lying down cleaning themselves when the cameras weren’t looking. Maybe Trouble can intervene on your behalf with the tigers and then make your getaway? Of course, the pizza idea is a good one, too!

    *kissey face*


  3. That guy looks kind of loud. How annoying. You will need to remain calm. I think flyball would be just the ticket. Get everybody distracted.



  4. Dennis
    How fwightening
    Those gladiatow types scaiwe me to deaf..I hhope you wewe able to get away fwom them and that bloodthiwsty cwowd..come back to us
    smoochie kisses


  5. Dennis: Stick with Russell Crowe, he will take you to his home in Oz, you can then catch a steamer on home to CA, this is probably the best deal you could get, providing that lion doesn’t get after you.

    Good luck and kisses,


  6. This is definitely a nightmare from Neverland and I see that you are one lost boy dog. Why not dial-your-pack from one of those shield-phones? Hmmmmmm.
    xo Sammie


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