its the sunday awards and meem and art and myoozik show!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog coming to yoo over the sub etha data interstellur netwurk to preezent this weeks awards and meem and art and myoozik show!!!  we hav lots of awards this week and of korse myoozik is a hole noo kategorry for the show wich is gitting to have a long naym so i am thinking of renayming it to sumthing like doglith fare ha ha ok lets git started and — oh hang on sumbuddy is nokking on the door of the chikkin koop sawser let me go see hoo it is


oh gud it is prodooser smerf how luvly to see yoo agin not ok now on to the awards first i wood like to thank evrywun hoo voted for me for the awsum blog award at dogs with blogs becuz i wun!!!


I am verry onnord to hav reeseevd this award espeshly sinse it wuz voted on by my nice reederz so wunse agin thank yoo all verry mutch!!! ok nekst is the myoozik porshun of toodays show wich is brawt to yoo by the faymus purple hatter hoo has unerthd preevyusly unnown futadj of me wen i wuz the leed singer in a verry suksesful deep bloo sumthing cover band chek it owt:

This video doesn’t exist

thanks purple hatter wow just like the carpenters sed that shoor duz bring bak misty water kolord memreez of the way i wuz!!!


ok nekst is a publik serviss annownsment frum my gud frends pink daisy and the purple hatter its the noahs wish fowndayshun button!!!


noahs wish is an organizayshun wot helps animals in areeas wot hav ben hit by disasters sutch as the kalifornya wildfires or the gulf koast hurrikayns or the fludding in jorja or washingtun dc wen kongress is in seshun ennyway klik on the imadj to lern more abowt them!!!


ha ha yes prodooser smerf i am shoor that pink daisy is tawking abowt brainy smerf and not abowt yoo ennyway heer is owr last award for the day it is the happy hunting award frum the verry industryus purple hatter!!!


now this is an artistik intrepretashun of an old pikcher of tucker frum wen he livd with mama and dada and trixie and pooh bear and trouble in the mithical land of noo york heer is the oridjinal if yoo ar intrested:

as yoo can see tucker is verry verry intent on poynting at sumthing in the wuds so i wood like to pass this on to all of my doggie frends who poynt and retreev eeven if yoo just poynt and retreev stuffies!!!


ha ha shoor littel fellow i wil chart yoo the fastest korse bak to erth have a nice trip!!!

Later …


25 thoughts on “its the sunday awards and meem and art and myoozik show!!!

  1. Dennis, you are such a blast, I think it would be fun to hang out with you and chill. I love the award for helping doggies from disasters. That is very scary and they need all the help they can get.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha


  2. Congratulations on your award! It could’t happen to a nicer dog. Usually I get a little freaked out at dogs, that being because I live with two annoying chihuahuas.. Thank you for visiting my blog, I WISH!!! I could go to a buffet with my mama. Hometown Buffet sounds good. Do they have fish???

    Your friend


  3. Congrats Dennis on the DOgs with Blogs award, you sure deserve it! I am glad you sent the smurf away, he was kinda like a gnat in your ear huh?


  4. Hey Dennis! Were you maybe taking some happy stuff back when you were a rock star because your eyes kind of rolled around in your head funny like mine did when I had that anesthesia. I’m just askin.



  5. Hi Dennis
    You have a lovely singing voice but more impressive was that beard. Looks like some poor stuffie you devoured and is entrenched in your chin. I might wanna try and catch it. you better start running now.


  6. Wow! What a busy day in Dennisland. Congrats on your award. You sure made today a lot of fun!

    P.S. I’ll have to keep an eye out to see if that dalmation DOES do a triathlon… he should! 😉


  7. I’d like to see us lose Prof. Smerf. He is really a lech, and an obnoxious old so and so. Why not remove him from his little space suit, toss him out the window and let him go into a perpetual orbit. Bye Bye, Prof!

    By the way, Dennis, I’d like for you to tell your Dada or Mama, who ever is in charge of the header, I think it is just perfect and hope you leave it up for a long time.



  8. Congratulations on all the really cool awards – especially the Awesome one – that is totally cool! And, um, as for being a Rock Star? I’d keep your day job as being a famous adventurer. I’m just saying. Even if it means having to deal with weird smurf things and psycho chickens.

    *kissey face*


  9. i’ll be sure to show my shadow the pointing picture… he so too loves pointing and retrieving… and i so like the noah’s wish button. about time!


  10. Hey all right Dennis you got some grate awards this week!! But I know that the biggest gift of all wuz gettin rid of that littul bloo man am I rite??

    Yer pal Dozer


  11. HEY guys. Sunny an scooter’s muvver here. I am sooooo glad y’all won the awesome blog. Of course after nominating you we voted for you. Right now we don’t have access to the ethers withe the puter, but this new phone can get us on. (Not real ideal but we had to ck).YAY Dennis (ok ok Dada too…). We did the happy dance! Hope we can blog again soon. We miss all our friends and as Dorothy said we think we miss you most of all scarecrow. Er dennis
    Ps geeeez these keys are very tiny on this berry phone. Only taken me hmmmm 15 min or so?!?!


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