tinker tinker littel bel

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel it seems that we hav pikd up a stowaway abord the spayse koop chek it owt:


at first we didnt no wot to mayk of her i thawt she mite be a groopee for that crazy smerf and tucker thawt she mite be edibul but she soon perswayded us that she wuz owr frend and not sumthing that we shud eet:


we askd her if she noo how to git to the chikkin planet and she shuk her hed and droo us a pikcher in the air of yummy bones wich mayd us eeven more eksited to go their!!!


we kept pestring her to tel us how to git their and so finaly she sat down at the commodore 64 and charted a korse that tuk us strait to the chikkin planet becuz as it turned owt she had mad hacking skilz!!!


we can hardly wait to start nomming on all those yummy birds!!!! i wil let evrywun no how to git to the chikkin planet wunse we ar bak home agin!!! ok bye

Later …


31 thoughts on “tinker tinker littel bel

  1. Worm size? Somebody says you are gonna be worm size to Giant Chickens?

    Oh, not my beautiful Trixie, please!
    How about this? Is Prof Smerf on board? Toss him out and he will run like the dickens and get the Giant Chickens away from the space coop.
    Then you guys beat it for home!



  2. We are looking forward to our first chicken from the chicken planet. We are a bit worried that it might be make believe and we wont taste it!
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxxx


  3. No Dennis No, Tinkerbell is a bitch. That ain’t no chicken planet and commodore 64’s can’t be hacked (I’ve tried!). Run boys run before she sprinkles you with magic dust!!!!!


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