Trouble’s Best Week Ever




Later …


31 Comments on “Trouble’s Best Week Ever

  1. Is the Doghouse of Justice fixable, or is it going to be stuck in the garage behind the kennels, spare tires, and extra lawn furniture? Just curious…

    *kissey face*


  2. Mmm, chicken. I hate to say it, but I think Trouble the Kitteh might be a little bit of trouble.
    By the way, is that a BULLET HOLE?
    Your pal,


  3. Those are some wheels Trouble’s using – clever lil bugger! (or have I missed T’s ride from a past post?)
    xo Sammie and Ozzie too


  4. What I can’t imagine is what is going to happen to the TinkerBelle? I thought they had to be on another outerspacial level where the air was finer or something like that. Speaking of Trouble though, I can see she still has Ali Z’s picture up on her Catwoman poster. Do you have Ali Z’s permission to use that photo? She’s a little touchy about stuff like that.

    Okay, so far, so good.



  5. Wowzer, look at the damage on the space shuttle… Did someone shoot a canon poop at you?!

    And Trouble… I want to see what apps you have on your phone so I can be cool like you and get my momster into… well… TROUBLE!


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  7. Hey I’m finally catching up on your adventures now I have my computer back. You shoulda crashed on the other side of the back fence Dennis then the mess would be the responsibility of the council to clean up but now your Dada has to do it. Is Trouble happy because you dogas crashed or is she happy because she wasn’t in it with you’s


  8. I love how Trouble seems unphased by the whole situation, just sitting there purring along. Then again, Trouble does have 9 lives.


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