(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

I’m 37 …
… I’m not old.

35 Comments on “(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

  1. I don’t see any grey furs. Are you maybe in the hair club for dogs?



  2. Old Schmold! No such thing as old, we just get more discerning!
    Your Friend Quizz


  3. It’s just a number Dennis, has nothing to do with how you feel; at least that’s what mommy keeps telling herself! hehehe We kid we kid…

    Nellie & Calvert


  4. Age is only a number right? Just like waist size. Those are two of my numbers that I choose to ignore.


  5. Some of us are old souls at two and some of us never become an old soul. Dennis, we have the feeling that you are going to be one of those who is a puppy FURever!


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