47 thoughts on “Motivation: Tucker Has It

  1. Mom’s falling off her rolling around computer chair again, face purple as plums in hysterics. That face of Tucker’s at the end of each vid with the admonishment is indeed, priceless!
    xo Sammie


  2. hey Tucker…..you have to check on your dadster first next time. i do admire your persistance.

    tq for your kind thoughts and SEng was indeed a special and kind soul….



  3. 10 for Persistence, 8.7 for Artistic Ability, 0.5 for Subtlety – that one would have been higher, but your “Oooops, you caught me” look caused points deductions. (But you get an extra 5 points for leaving the judges wondering was on the counter.)

    *kissey face*


  4. (Groan!) Oh Tucker, I can’t believe that you are allowed to do that! My Mom says no furniture climbing, no counter surfing! Go outside and play! Was it worth it, whatever you were after?



  5. That’s pretty funny. Tucker, I know you secretly looooove your brother, Dennis. I just know it. But I will never tell if you do. I know the pressure to maintain the facade.



  6. Tucker! That was so not cool. I mean they were totally watching you, duh!

    But I have to say, you did look totally innocent in the end like maybe you just accidentally got there.



  7. Sheesh, and it’s hard to get a good typist, too. We didn’t realize that there was sound (Mom’s work computer has icky speakers), so we totally didn’t know that your dad watched the whole thing while it was going on. I can’t believe he yelled at you. You should come to my house. Dad lets us get away with just about everything and Mom has to lay down the law. hehe

    Your pal,


  8. Khyra nailed it – Tucker – that was so awesome. At least you weren’t being sneaky. We sure hope you got rewarded for all your efforts. And Mom was worried the whole time that you were going to jump up and bonk you head on the bottom of that shelf of glasses – crash!!!

    Tail wags, the OP Pack


  9. oh my god that was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time!!!! 😆 His expression when he realized you were there was just priceless! That really made me laugh aloud – thanks for great start to my day. Tucker sure has persistence – Honey has no motivation whatsoever it’s one thing that makes her easy to live with. she will try something once and if she doesn’t get it, she will give up very quickly. It also means it’s quite easy to block her access to things: just put anything in her path (even something stupid like a chair ) and she won’t think of trying to jump over it or go under it…but I have to say, living with a more devious dog is probably a lot more interesting! 😛



  10. Tucker, Tucker, Tucker, you need to have a little chat with your puddy cat buddy on how to execute that maneuver successfully. Geez, that was painfully unsuccessful, despite the fact I was egging you on!


  11. What a great video. What is Tucker after? My favorite is the clearing of the throat. That is what I do to Africa and it is amazing how well she pays attention when I do.
    Kasha and Africa


  12. Hai Tucker! Dat was pawsome! Yoo shud has Dennis stand over dere to help or even uh dat Trouble kitteh. She wud be of help to get treats off da counter.


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  13. Since dad was standing there the whole time, you thought you COULD do it, right? Entrapment, entrapment, entrapment.

    P.S. – Natasha does it the opposite. Looks directly at the human, calculates how long it will take them to get to her, and then snarfs whatever is on the counter before they can get there.


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    The 2nd one I bolded has me somewhat concerned, just what has Tucker been up to????


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