blessing of the animals agin!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay this week we went to the blessing of the animals agin at the old mishun now as yoo may remember wen we went to this eevent last yeer their wuz a bit of insident involving tucker and the holy water:


maybe this yeer things wil wurk owt better or maybe not ha ha ok lets find owt!!!  as yoo can see i wuz verry eksited abowt gitting my blessing but tucker luks a littel consernd probly becuz bursting into flayms can be unkomfortabul ha ha

oh boy its payvment!!! oh boy!!!

as yoozhual we went up to mamas classrum first witch wuz verry verry verry verry verry eksiting!!!

wel ok i thawt it wuz eksiting but i gess for tucker and trixie it wuz old hat ennyway wile we wer wayting for the blessing to begin mama had me do triks!!! oh boy triks ar fun!!!

gimme gimme gimme
nom nom nom nom nom

triks ar so fun that trixie is naymd after them!!! altho she duznt do them!!!


ennyway after we wer dun in the classrum it wuz time to go git in line for the blessing oh boy wayting in line is fun!!!

i herd they wer giving owt a basket of chipmunks with evry blessing is that troo???
oh boy its sand!!! oh boy!!!

we saw lots of other animals also wayting for their blessings like this littel guy hoo luks just like my frends joe stains and tanner and mack and jake hay maybe they all no eetch other!!!

want … down … now …

then their wuz this littel fellow hoo kept barking at us frum the sayfy of the other side of that moat of water hay dog yoo ar lukky that impassibul wall and alligater infested moat of water is between us!!!

now go away or i shall tawnt yoo a sekund time!!!

trixie mayd the akwayntanse of a kuple of kitteez wot wer their for blessings too:




insidently we did not bring trouble for the blessing becuz as yoo can imadjin if tucker bursts into flayms wen struk by holy water the ekplozhun that wood reezult from trouble beeing struk by holy water wood probly destroy a lardj porshun of the erth ha ha oh hay mama luk i hav lernt a noo trik!!!

i call this trik “dennis helps himself to treets”

wel we finaly got up for owr blessing thats rite its the moment yoove all ben wayting for!!!


heer comes the holy water evrybuddy put on yore sunglasses this is going to be a big eksplozhun!!! but wayt tucker is pulling sumthing owt frum under his kollar!!!


ha ha wel playd tucker i gess that meens no eksplozhun this time!!! wel that abowt raps it up for this yeerz blessing of the animals we wil see wot happens nekst yeer!!! ok bye

33 thoughts on “blessing of the animals agin!!!

  1. My goodness, what an exciting video – all that pacing! Thank dogness your mom had treats!
    We just loved Trixie’s line about the circus!! That made us laugh.
    We have never been in a classroom but now we know how exciting it is we must make a point of visiting.
    Martha & Bailey xxx


  2. Wow,you had me going right until the end. I am so glad there were not explosions this year. I am also glad that you all got blessings cause you never know when you might need them.

    licks and sniffs,Sasha


  3. So did you learn anything in that classroom? It brought back a lot of memories to the Momster who was teacher before she had all these grandbabies running around.

    We didn’t know you last year so we were a little disappointed that there was no fireworks there, but hope you all got good blessings anyway.

    Woos and happy weekend, the OP Pack


  4. You were totally brave to go back after last year’s incident. I can see how exciting that classroom is. Good thing you were there to check everything out for Trixie and Tucker.



  5. We don’t have that Animal Blessing deal here in Minniesnowda. I wonder why? In a way its OK, because my Mom blesses me many times each day. Like when I leave my bone right in her bed and she says, Bless you, Stella, I told you too keep your bonez elsewhere! So thats nice, right?

    That Beautiful Trixie is so funny with her circus line!



  6. We’ve been hearing alot about this blessing of the animals from a few friends across the pond……don’t think we have anything like that here….no wait, that doesn’t sound right….they MUST! We’ll be conducting investigations.
    Love your new trick Dennis, very enterprising of you, hehehe…well done dog!
    And we also loved watching your video….we used to not be able to see your videos (before we sacked stupid AOL) but we can now, yippee…..we’re almost as excited as you…..almost :o)
    We’ll be back more often now we have kicked our secretary’s butt!
    Slobbers xx


  7. OMD….you boys are so silly! What grade does your Mom teach??? My Mom is in 4th right now and having a struggle with it as she misses Kindergarten. 😦 I love going to the classroom and smelling all the smells!


  8. That was one handsome Boston Terrier you ran into there, clearly related to ME as he does not have a Doofus dot. I am glad to see Tucker did not create a fireball this time, maybe next year you should take Trouble, just to spice things up!!


  9. Dennis you are blessed with an irresistible face… now i was getting a bit dizzy in that classroom and momma had to jump back when you hit the camera. But I have one question, was tucker there for an exorcism instead?


  10. Good thing Tucker came prepared! All our churches round here had Blessings of the Animals last weekend, but we didn’t go — maybe next year. We have a new puppy — Sammy — and he and I just were not ready for that! Funny people bringing cats — our cats would freak! The classroom visit looked extremely exciting!


  11. Wooo – lotsa things going on there! I hoped mom would bring me to the blessings this year, but it’s been bizzy here, so love to live vicariously through your experiences heheh – as long as there is no fireworks. Lucky Tucker wore his suit, but you should have brought yours too in case. Loved everything in this post. Your kitteh looks pawsitively adorable in her bandana.
    Huggers xo


  12. A dog can be forgiven for blowing it a FIRST time, so long as he comes prepared the next.

    We enjoy St. Francis day animals, too, even though all of our animals have flunked in the past and now have to stay home. We’re just hoping the once-per was enough…


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