its the sunday awards and meem show!!! not prodoosd by prodooser smerf!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay it gess wot??? it is time for the sunday awards and meem show agin!!! now no longer brawt to yoo by prodooser smerf!!! ok lets git started!!!

first we hav the … ummm … the handy smerf award awarded to ummmm prodooser smerf by my gud frend pink daisy:


ummm unfortchoonatly prodooser smerf has met with a most untimely fayt as a reesult of a tradjik spayse navigayshunal aksident wot i had no involvmint in wotsoever so i wood like to aksept this award on his behaff post … posthum … wel ennyway he isnt heer so i wil aksept it myself and — oh hang on sumwun is at the door lets see hoo it is!!!


hmmm evidently this littel bloo lady nos prodooser smerf she sez she wood like to stik arownd and watch the show wel i gess that is ok now to git bak to the award the handy smerf award is awarded to thoze hoo help others so i wood like to giv it to al my frends wot ar reskyews or ar involvd with reskyew becuz yoo ar helping those hoo cant help themselvs!!!


ummm wot am i dooing after the show??? i dont no probly sleeping playing fetch and maybe destuffing sum stuffies ok mooving on its the life is a dreem award frum the purple hatter!!!


yoo may be familyar with the sentiment that life is a dreem as in the faymus song row row row yore bote!!! i am not shoor wot tucker is dreeming abowt in this pikcher but i wil bet it is sumthing to do with fud!!! this award is for all yoo dreemers owt their yoo no hoo yoo ar!!!


ummmm no smerfett yoo didnt heer ennything abowt going on a bote nobody is going boting but ummm lissen if yoo stil want to meet up with prodooser smerf i can giv yoo direkshuns to ware he wuz last seen!!! ha ha ok bye

Later …


15 thoughts on “its the sunday awards and meem show!!! not prodoosd by prodooser smerf!!!

  1. Ok, Dennis, its the little girlie smurf or smurfette, whatever you call her. Since you can’t understand what she is saying almost all of the time, I think its time for Tucker to take her for a little walk-about (wink at Tucker when you tell him this and he will realize his dream has come true.) Uhhh, so let us know how this goes.



  2. Dennis, there are so many strange visitors in your life. We see that little fairy under the seat and we are not sure what will happen now.
    We are singing row row row the boat, gently down the stream……….
    Martha & Bailey xxxx
    merrily merrily, life is but a dream……….


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