Observed Around The House



Later …


29 Comments on “Observed Around The House

  1. The smurfette put a love potion in a pie for Dennis? Then Tucker got it? Ohhhh, this is creepy. What will the Smurfette do with Tucker or more importantly, what will Tucker do once the potion takes hold.

    You can bet we’ll stay tuned for the next exciting installment!



  2. We is getting furry irritated with that little blue thing. If it was at our house we think we might just give it to the cats – YESH! that is what we would do!


  3. Dat smurfette is up to rotten trix? Playing naughty games with da wrong pup???? Don’t wanna know whats gonnaa happen here. xo Sammie


  4. I hope there is an anti dope for that stuff. Otherwise, Tucker is in big trouble.



  5. Doesn’t that smurf know sabotages never work the way they’re supposed to? She needs to watch more Daffy duck and that “pesky wabbit!”


  6. I do not understand why critters and creatures keep trying to mess with Dennis and the gang! They will NEVER win! 🙂


  7. We just wanna know one thing…

    How do you guys manage to get yourselves into these predicaments;
    AND with smurfette of all smurfs! Really…

    Nellie & Calvert


  8. If that little blue thing stepped into our house I think it would be dinner for my Peanut. Tucker how is that love potion going to affect you? This is definitely a dog’s soap opera!


  9. We just want to say that we has heard the mom grumble that the Wii has been to known to even criticize and also insult ones skills. We has no clue why a bean wud want such a toy!


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