22 thoughts on “Which Witch Is Which?

  1. Oh, oh! Looks to me like Tucker has been hypmotized by some smurf or smurfette!

    Dennis, Trixie, you gotta get to work on this. Maybe they will try and hypmotize you guys too.
    Don’t TALK or LISTEN to any Smurf . .none, and you might be OK.



  2. Dang, NEVER hit the ‘end’ key when you want to comment here……loooonnnnggg sidebars! WOOF.

    Hey Dennis, my little hometown here has some real DOG DRAMA going on. Whatta story.
    For many years now, a California man who has never been to this town has spent MILLIONS funding an animal shelter because the town would not. Now the govt socialist banks stole his stock portfolio, just like my 401k, and he can’t do it any longer.
    There is a grassroots movement started to try to take over the building, if they get their poop together, he will give them the nice building for 1$.
    His name is Gil Michaels. Nobody here has ever met him.
    Strange, huh?


  3. Tucker, why not wander to Which Wich and walk off with a ham sandwich for whichever witch is the witch you’re with? Today’s message brought to you by the letter W.


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