pink daisy is having a kontest and i am helping too judj it!!!


yes thats rite pink daisy is having a contest yoo can reed all abowt it at her site!!! she has assembuld a top notch teem of selebritty judjes inklooding dozer and mango and me and of korse wenever i am judjing i always bring my frends pawla and simon along chek it owt:


ha ha way to git into the halloween speerit pawla!!! dont lissen to simon he is just grumpy becuz he duznt hav his own mask!!! ennyway i hope to see yoo over at pink daisys playse!!! ok bye

After Signing Off …


22 thoughts on “pink daisy is having a kontest and i am helping too judj it!!!

  1. Hey Dennis! Did you notice how she only selected studly hot dude judges? Do you think she has some sort of hidden agenda?



  2. That Simon is such a grump! Thank dogness you are one of the judges Dennis – sounds like a fun contest we will have to check it out although Martha sees no fun in dressing up!!!!


  3. Wow! A judge! I am so honored to know you! I’m not even sure that I am worthy to leave comments on such a *cough* respectable *cough* blog! Good luck, and don’t take too many bribes! (I would totally bribe you, but I’m not entering because I don’t like wearing costumes. I look silly enough as it is!)

    *kissey face*


  4. Get ridda the smurfs and smurfettes!!!!
    This is crucial to the success of this contest. Do you understand, Dennis, Tucker, Mango who ever is on board, GET RIDDA THE SMURFS!!!



  5. Very good job gettin Simon and Paula to halp with the judjing Dennis! Since they does not like Milk Bones or Kong balls all the bribes will go to you ha ha ha!! No jest kidding I know you are reely very honest. Wich reminds me wutever happened my order of Dennis’s fantastikal majic pig powder that I sended you my life savings fer?

    Yer pal Dozer


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