The Adventure Of Whatever Was On The Counter

Hello good reader.  This is Tucker the Much Better Vizsla Than Dennis.  While Dennis is occupied getting ready for Pink Daisy’s Halloween costume contest, I thought I would address some scurrilous rumors and videos that have surfaced recently that purport to show me clumsily attempting to gain access to the kitchen counter.  But can we really trust the evidence of our eyes?  Let’s investigate. Come, Trixie, the game’s afoot!


Let’s begin by examining a still from the video in question:


As you can see, the back of the settee is much higher than the top of the counter. Therefore, it would certainly make no sense for me to be trying to climb over the settee to get to the counter. If anything, I would use the counter to get to the settee! Besides, as can plainly be seen, Smurfette is not on the counter, so why would I need to go there?

So the question is, because I was obviously not trying to steal food off the counter, what was I doing? The answer, of course, is that I was performing calisthenics.

And one ...
... and two ...
... and three ...
... and four ...

Unfortunately, some people around here are not interested in physical fitness.


The conclusion is incontrovertible — I was not trying to steal anything off the counter. I was merely trying to engage in a program of physical fitness when I was so rudely interrupted. The case of whatever was on the counter is closed.


Elementary, my dear Trixie. Elementary.

32 thoughts on “The Adventure Of Whatever Was On The Counter

  1. I am most confused by Trixie’s head ornament.

    Thank you for that most clarifying explanation. Now I know why the photographer was grouchy. Obviously jealous of your devotion to physical fitness.



  2. Tucker was you trying to tell Trixie a secret or look under her smurf hat fer smurfette? Either way good story. Our mommy thinks yer full of it but we thinks yer telling the honest to goodness truths.

    ‘Hey mommy what’s Tucker full of???’


  3. Good. I didn’t REALLY think that you were trying to get up on the counter. I just couldn’t believe it. I mean, Dennis, sure, I could believe that, but you, nope! Seeing Richard Simmons TOTALLY clears up any misconceptions that any of my family members might have had!

    *kissey face*


  4. “The Tank” misses the innocent days of Richard Simmons, oh what good times we all shared. Of course Tucker, you were just excercising, just like I really operate a floral business.

    Benny “The Tank”


  5. You know wut they sez: If the gluv or in this case jim shorts dont fit you must akwit!! Altho in this case the jim shorts cleerly did fit and I am not reel shore ware to go frum here. I reckon this is why I am not a lawyer.

    Yer pal Dozer


  6. Trixie has a funny hat, hahahaha she could paint it bloo and be a smurf
    I have not been by to visit in like foreverrr.
    I am so glad that everything turned out okay… perfect, now you can have a good week-end too

    purrrs always


  7. Ohhh, Trixie, you are goodness personified (dogified?)! You are good enough to wear that stupid smurf hat, and THEN listen to Richard Simmons (who has DALMATIANS) carry on about the burn and all that. Me, I would leave town first. I wish you would get on a bus, Trixie, and come to live with me in Minnesota. We could play in the snow all winter and have a good time and you would NEVER see a smurf or a smurf hat or RICHARD SIMMONS, ever!
    Think about it.

    Your friend,


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