its the sunday awards and meem show!!! now brawdkasting frum an undisklozd lokayshun!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay thats rite it is the sunday awards and meem show!!!  now today i am brawdkasting frum a top seekret sownd insoolayted lokayshun in the hopes that a sertin smurf wil not be abel to find me and interrupt me with enny singing or dansing or pleez to introdoose her to my faymus frends so shhhh!!!!  dont tel her the show is going on!!!


ok so first we hav the happy harvest award wot wuz givin to me by my frend dixie the catahoula!!!


of korse this award wuz kreated by the talented purple hatter!!! i wood like to giv this award to my smiley frends sutch as:


ummmm ha ha yes that is smurfette but i am shoor she cannot heer me in my undisklozed lokayshun so their is nuthing to wurry abowt!!! ok mooving on we hav this award frum my noo frends at a howse with two cats!!!

selinho sonho

now this award inkloods sum roolz heer they ar:

1-publish selinho (stamp) this blog is a dreem and the roolz
2-post a link of hoom indikayted wot i think meens the persun or dog or kitty wot gayv yoo the award
3-enter ten blogs to urn the seel
4 -tell the nomineez

oh my gosh ten thats a lot!!! i wil hav to kownt on all my pawz for this wun!!! ok heer goze:


uh oh i gess i mite be tawking too lowdly and this sowndprufing stuf duznt seem to wurk at all!!! i better rap this up kwik and then maybe i can sneek owt the bak way ok heer is owr last award for the day it is of korse frum the purple hatter!!!


this cud be calld the on the beetch in oshunside award!!! eksept i am not allowd on the beetch in oshunside!!! ennyway the purple hatter sez to giv this award to all my close frends with all the luv wot is in my hart and as i am a vizsla dog that is a lot of luv!!! so i wood like all my frends heer to tayk this award and pass it on in the speerit in witch the purple hatter kreayted it!!! ok bye

Later …


27 thoughts on “its the sunday awards and meem show!!! now brawdkasting frum an undisklozd lokayshun!!!

  1. Congratulations on your Awards Dennis and thank you so much for passing Your Blog is a Dream Award to us – we are thrilled and will post soon. Our secretary sometimes needs a bit of reminding!
    We also meant to say congrats on the DWB Awesome Blog Award – we are not sure we congratulated you on that – all Awards very well deserved for a blog filled with imagination!
    love you lots
    Martha & Bailey xxxx


  2. Thank you for the Birthday wishes, it is appreciated. Congratulations on your award. You keep me laughing everytime I visit here.

    Dennis you are one fine looking dog.



  3. Good Grief, Dennis! Smurfette is carrying a knife! Nice people don’t carry knifes unless they are peeling zucchini or something like that. I have no idea what to do! Could you find her a huge zucchini and put her to work? Thats the ticket! Yes!



  4. Holy crap! How did you know what I dream? Have you been inside my large and plenty of room for an entire viszla head? I visited those goats with panties. I am most confused.

    Hey, tell your dada to get out of the 21st century already with all that Kindle stuff. Like to give momma heart failure if she ever read a book that way.



  5. I thought maybe woo were deep inside the mountains and khaverns of Khamp Dennis –

    Tank woo fur the khool award!

    Good furiends or the hokey pokey is what is it all about!



  6. Thanks for the award! I’ll get on Mom to get it posted (although knowing her it will take like, years or something…). Smurfette creeps me out. But if you want a slightly better undisclosed location, my Dad has a studio at the house where I think you could broadcast from. And we’ve got those little electronic thingys that are supposed to keep mice out of the house (and don’t work), but would probably keep smurfs of all varieties away… Just offering!

    *kissey face*


  7. Hey Dennis thanx fer that award! It is even better cause it has Daisy on it!

    Also I does not advise you to come out of that crate. I does not think the end result will be a good wun.

    Yer pal Dozer


  8. Big, big congratulations on your awards Dennis, and thanks for stopping by to visit me!!!! I will offers up my crate space if you need a new broadcasting safe spot!! Woofs, Johann


  9. Thank you Dennis, that is such a cool award from my very cool friend (you) made by the very cool purple hatter.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha


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