28 thoughts on “What On Earth Is Going On In There?

  1. Oh my, will Dennis be next? Rosie is always the first victim of the human’s treatments because she gets too nervous watching it be done to Abby. We are calmed afterward with the promise of a treat – silly humans think that makes it all ok.


  2. That is wut happens to me wen I git burrs on me. Mummy makes that same sighing grumbulling noise too. But you should not bark cause that jest makes you the nekst viktim!! Tucker is smart to hide!

    Yer pal Dozer


  3. Why isn’t anyone upset by the jiggling tiles. You can’t all be Californians!

    Trixie will only be more beautiful when she emerges from the groomer!>



  4. Given that Tucker has formed a protective pillow shield, I would say that nothing good is going on in there. Does kind of remind me when they took the tracking device out of that Neo dude in the matrix.



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