29 thoughts on “Tuckervention

  1. Dennis! This is so confusing. Why is Trixie being so bossy and what happened to the collie dog in the well and wherever is Tucker?



  2. Hello dear Dennis, this story is about friendship because I can see many friends together complaining about a love potion! But my friend…I loved this smurffet, she is clever, beautiful and I think she is a good girl at the end!
    Love is an important thing!
    Ahh Trixie is fabulous!
    purrs and love


  3. Oh yeah, Smurfette is just a sweetheart, isn’t she? Sheesh!
    I hope Lassie goes Home and checks out her OWN well and I hope Tucker turns up. As Trixie knows, Tucker is not too brainally endowed (remember he was buried in oil soaked dirt for a while with no oxygen) and I really doubt this meat pie could harm him too much. Ah,well . . .



  4. Hmmmm, let me guess, it’s Lucy in the PIE with diamonds? (assuming diamonds are a smurffette’s best friend) Either that or Tinkerbell’s just tinkering with you again.

    Behr Behr 🙂


  5. Golly gosh I thought Lassie always saved the day. So how will they get Tucker out of the well. What a dilema, maybe they could throw a coin into the well & wish him out


  6. We need a whole passel of Fairy Kings and Queens to straighten out THIS mess, before Lassie tastes the love potion too and falls in love with the well that Tucker didn’t fall into. Oh, it’s all so CONFUSING!


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