Wordless Wednesday: And For My Next Trick

36 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday: And For My Next Trick

  1. That movie was so short I had to watch it about 50 times to get my full dose of Dennis for the day. No matter how many times I watched, you ALWAYS caught the stuffie. Amazing!



  2. WOWOWOWOW…You are a very talented Vizsla Dennis!! What is the degree of difficulty on that trick??? Looks pretty hard to me!!



  3. Tee hee hee. Great catch Dennis – love the action video.

    Sorry we havent been by in awhile. Moms been dealing with the fallout of being laid off and has been sidetracked. We have missed you but plan to be back on schedule visiting regularly next week.

    WE hope to see you soon again at the blog and thanks for stopping by over the last two weeks:)

    Wags and woofs
    Benson and Gibson


  4. Great movie, Dennis, and great sound effects – now did you destuff that stuffie?

    woos, the OP Pack

    Pee Ess, thanks for the award, we were away but we will post about it soon.


  5. Ooh, very cool, Dennis!! Never knew you could do the back flip like a dolphin!! And I think the way your human can time the drum roll with your actions is a pretty neat trick too! 😀


  6. Dennis
    Awe we going to see you in Bwazil at the pawlimpics??
    Those muscles give e goosbumps they awe soo bootiful
    smoochie kisses


  7. Dennis! Dennis! he’s our man, If he can’t do it, no one can. Yeahhhhhh Dennis!
    (I’m practicing to be a cheerleader, I like those pom-pom thingies)
    Your pal, Morgan


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