21 thoughts on “Observed Around San Diego

  1. Whoa! The smurfette with a huge husqvarna chainsaw made in Sveden? Highly dangerous, I’d say. The only out I see here is that chainsaw is huge and smurfette is very small. I think she could be knocked over very easily, however, could she get the saw turned on in time. In that event, goodbye Tucker, Dennis and Trixie (how many times have I tried to talk you into coming to live with me in Minniesnowda, Trixie?) Oh, and goodbye Care Bears, too! Somebody help these guys, please!



  2. There seems to be a Care Bear for everything, birthdays, sleepy time, cheering up, sunshine, isn’t there one there that can cast a spell on that smurfette and save Dennis?

    Tail wags, the OP Pack


  3. Holy macaroni, run for it, a Smurfette with a chainsaw can’t be good! Throw the friggin Carebears at her I’ve seen you do it Tucker!!!! Just like in that video! Quick!!!!!!!


  4. It really is weird in California isn’t it? I always heard that anyways… Just sayin’, nothing personal, but multiple care bears and dancing smurfs with chain saws in the same room just scares me.
    your pal, Morgan


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