Walkies The Line

My attempt to restore some dignity to the Romans has failed, as the emperor himself emerged to take away my stuffie and put a stop to my efforts to get a nice game of fetch going.  It looks as if I will not get the chance to chase the Chuckit ball, or even go for a nice walk. Or will I?


Returning to his position in the stands, the emperor commands that the gladiatorial combat recommence:


However, Maximus has crafted a plan to free us from the emperor’s domination. I have no idea what the plan is, but fervently hope it involves finally throwing the Chuckit ball.


Then the brutal game resumes … or does it?


Then, at the last moment, Maximus pivots and flings the Chuckit ball into the stands, directly at the emperor!


With my well-developed flyball muscles, and in my eagerness to catch the ball, I easily make it to the emperor’s box in a few bounds, before he or his guards have time to react!


Even one as corrupt and evil as this emperor cannot resist the influence of vizsla kisses, and he soon has a change of heart about his barbaric enterprise here in the Colosseum.


With my work here done, I bid farewell to my new flyball-playing friends and return to the Doghouse of Justice, where I once again set a course for the present day. Hopefully this time the damaged machinery will work properly, and return me to the correct place and time. But if not, I will deal with whatever comes next; because I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up.

22 thoughts on “Walkies The Line

  1. Dennis! How brave of you to tackle the evil emperor and convince him that flyball, fetch, and agilities were the proper sports. I think, however, that you will need new team members. I am not sure how fast that gladiator dude will be able to run.



  2. Never mind your dog house ship, it just doan work right. Lissen? You hear that train a’comin’? comin’round the bend and you aint seen home since who knows when? Git on it boy and get yourself home now!



  3. Guess Things Happen That Way. But good you got out of the Ring of Fire before Sunday Morning Coming Down. You did it one Piece at a Time. You can always say, “I’ve Been Everywhere.” Quite the Highwayman. At least you didn;t Cry Cry Cry.

    Wait – We are in Johnny Cash overload.


  4. Oh my Dennis, you lead a much too exciting life. I can’t keep up with you and yet I can’t wait for the next adventure.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

    p.s. What does the Maximus stand for…never mind.


  5. Hay hay denis. Ok anok. Sooo kin u beeleef it? The las post on owr blog wuz on mi burfday whut sunny sez iz ofer a mumf. Mi muvver hazez lotz ov reezonz. Scooterer we duz not haz enee wazez fur the (whut iz it kalleded sunny? Reely? Ok anok then. Fanks) Innturnetz. I fink that iz a funneeerest wurd.ok anok. Eneewaaaz sum ofer ascuzez iz “thar iz alotz uv lifezez cumin at us reeely the fasterest”. I duz fink muvver iz furllerest ov it… I meenz muvver did gitz this nu fone she duz callz it sum kind barree. She kin git on that uh whutefer sunny did kalleded it but she duz sez it iz varee harderest tu uz fur blogz an commentz. Mabee it iz so ferree harderest fur hur beecuz it taakzez hur fureferz. I am not tellin fibz it iz tru efereewon duz gitz olderer an olderer watin on hur. Hmmmpph
    I did wantz tu tel u that I iz a pilotz. I kin fly eneefing. Tru. So if u duz needz me acawz that how’s ov justis duz not werk u neeedz tu letz mee no. Onleest time I did git off corse wuz wen mee an twinnerer wuz deliferinz holoweez stuffz an it wuz acuz tannererer did not reedz owr mapz rite. But we hadeded funz on that moon an we did git bak in timz fur allll owr deeliferees
    Peee malz mee if u wantz halp. I iz reeelee a gud pilot. Jus askez enneewun. Speshalee tannerer. Ok anok
    Pilotz hi 5s an CHOX UP!!!
    Wun an onlee scooter


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