its the awards and meem show!!! soon with noo theem song!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay thats rite its time for the sunday awards and meem show!!! now as yoo may rekall i reesently tryed to up the produkshun valyooz of the show by hiring a prodooser but that effert went a littel bit awri however i hav come up with an eeven better way to improov the show i hav brawt in the faymus minstrel bert bockarock to rite me a theem song!!!


ha ha of korse yoo ar not yohan sebastchin bock i noo that ennyway it is time to git on to the awards!!! first we hav this frum my frends at crumsnatchers its the clever foto capshun award!!!


to see the orijinal foto and the capshuns yoo can visit crumsnatchers heer!!! thanks to evrywun hoo voted for my capshun!!!


ha ha wot a silly guy thinks he wrote the theem frum the big lebowski!!!! ok my other award of the week is the best of pals award frum my gud frends martha and bailey basset!!!

martha-basset-best-of-pals_1 purple hatter award

now yoo wil no dowt rekognize this award as the wurk of the verry talented purple hatter!!! thanks for mayking all theez wunderful awards purple hatter!!! martha and bailey passd this award on to all there frends so i wil do the saym!!! and thats a rap for this week thaynks for watching!!! ok bye


22 thoughts on “its the awards and meem show!!! soon with noo theem song!!!

  1. Oooh… we love Burt B., guess he hit his high note with Elvis Costello; doesn’t sound like he’s got any good ideas for your theme song there. Perhaps you should get Elvis Costello to do your theme song!?!? Wut you think?

    Nellie & Calvert


  2. Thanks for the link to crumsnatchers. Some of those caption posts are hilarious. I don’t think I could offer any that would match up, but they are fun to read.

    That guy from AFHV sure gets around!


  3. Dennis
    That guy is so full of himself..honestly, just a few songs and he thinks he’s all that. Did he ask fow youw pawtogwaph??didn’t think so.
    congwatulations on youw awawds!! at least someone knows who is wowfy
    smoochie kisses


  4. Mom wants to know if that’s a sleestack in the water on your blog header???

    A theme song…hmm…that would be nice!! I need a theme song!

    Sorry i haven’t come by to visit! it’s all mom’s fault!!!




  5. My momma likes that Burt Back Your Rat guy because she is like a gazillion years old and remembers when all the songs they play at the grocery store were BIG HITS. Whatever.

    I like your new awards format. No more smurf.



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