trixie gits a bath!!! on akkownt of i peed on her!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel so for a fyoo days mama and dada hav ben trying to figger owt why my sister trixie wuz gitting mats on her bakside and why smelt a littel funny but now they no it is becuz i hav ben peeing on her wen we go owtside!!! hay it is only fare she is mine so i hav to pee on her rite??? unfortchoonatly mama and dada dont understand how theez things ar suppozd to wurk


becuz we had sum warm santa anna winds blowing dada gayv trixie her bath owtside now of korse the santa anna winds ar naymd after too things first after santa klaws on akkownt of they blow before krismas and sekund after the faymus tennis player anna kornikova on akkownt of wen she wood swing her rakkit it wood kawz a mity wind to blow but ennyway i digress

mutter mutter mutter

mama eeven lokd me in the howse so that i cud not stop dada frum giving trixie a bath i komplaynd and komplaynd but no wun wood lissen to me!!!


dont worry trixie i am coming to sayv yoo!!! or posibly tayking yore spot on the kowtch!!! whichever!!! but first i ternd on the owtdoor sekyoority kamra so yoo can see just how horribul this ekspeeryense wuz for poor poor trixie chek it owt:

“but dada dennis wuz just mayking me smel better!!!”
“is this a girls gawn wild awdishun?”
trixie luvs dada eeven tho dada is giving her a bath
“i can be dones now?”
lather rins reepeet
“uh oh trixie yore water level is low heer i wil top it off for yoo”
shake shake shake … shake shake shake
shake yore bootee … shake yore boooooteeeeee
still floofy!!!!

wel as yoo can see dada mayd a pritty gud effert to git trixie all kleend up but fortchoonatly i hav a virtchooally limitless ability to tinkel so i wil soon hav her properly perfyoomd agin!!! ha ha ok bye

40 thoughts on “trixie gits a bath!!! on akkownt of i peed on her!!!

  1. Hi Dennis – we never understand why humans insist on washing us off whenever we smell just right. Why, only the other day we had adorned ourselves with foxes poop and we smelled DIVINE! Did our humans appreciate it? They did not! We were unceremoniously dumped into a bath too. Sigh – it is a harsh, cruel World we live in…..! Um – Trixie has a FINE booty by the way, he he! Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.


  2. Hey Dennis! Don’t start eating asparagas or you will make Trixie really super stinky. I understand about the whole pee pee thing. My Grandpa Angus used to pee on any greyhound that he saw.

    Your dad got his bottom all wet giving her a bath. I hope he used a blow dryer. Did Trixie just dry in the sun or did you let her back on her couch to dry off? Many mysteries.

    How long were you locked up anyway? You will have lots of fresh pee ready to go. But you might want to rethink the whole thing. Trixie is hard to wash and if you keep making dada wash her off then you will be inside moaning and groaning a lot. You don’t want that, right? Could he maybe just make a flat Trixie for you to pee on instead?



  3. Mom is very impressed that your Dad could be outside in shorts. She can’t go outside without putting on lots of pants and shirts and coats and hats and things. (I have told her that if she grew a coat like me, she wouldn’t have these problems, but she seemed to dismiss me….) I can see how you would like to make Trixie smell better – especially after all that shampoo stuff your Dad used. At least her tail is still floofy!

    *kissey face*

    Pee Ess: Mom laughed about your Dad’s comment about the Wedding Singer – she says he has it about right. Whatever that means.


  4. While I think peeing on Trixie is great. My mom says that you should really quit. It makes more work for you dad and she bets Trixie doesn’t like it. I think she just doesn’t understand.


  5. Hey, Dennis-

    I am shore you wuz jest trying to let everybuddy know that Trixie is yer dawg. A few weeks ago, my boy came to dawg skool with me. Before we went in, I gived him jest a little squirt so all the other dawgs would know to keep their paws off. My mummy wuz not amused. Wut iz wrong with our peeple?

    Yer pal,


  6. Oh my God, Dennis – I can’t believe you did that!!!! 😯 That is so mean!! I know you’re a terror but this is really taking it to new heights! Poor Trixie!

    I love that picture of her and your human with their heads down together, hugging…


  7. You are so smart, Dennis. We learned so much about the santa ana winds and that other wind Mariah – how did you get so clever?

    TD and Phantom often pee on each other when they both try to hit the same tree at the same time. Mom hollers and usually it is just a few drops:)

    Tail wags, the OP Pack


  8. Dennis, I love you but I think it is very rude to pee on another dog, especially Trixie. Pee on a cat if you must.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha


  9. Golly Gosh Dennis, I wood neva pee on anuva dog, maybe on the evool jinja kat akross the rode but not anuva dog. Poor Trixie geting a barf ov torcher. I hayt barfs becorz they ar not nacherool for doggys. If barfs wer nacherool dogs wood hav skales lyk fysh or worter proof fevas lyk duks.


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