47 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Thppffft

  1. You look a little sleepy. I love your little pink tongue. Your coat is beautiful and I think you are better than any pumpkin.
    Have a happy day.

    Peanut, Marshmellow, Ruby, Pearlene and their Mama


  2. Dennis… we love your picture.

    Are you stick your tongue out at your pawrents for snapping yet another picture while you were sleeping?!?! We’ve been awaken various times by that silly flashy box… umpfh!

    Nellie & Calvert


  3. Aw – is the poor doggie a bit grumpy at being woken up? Is he? Is he all grumpy-wumpy? That’s how our humans talk to us whenever they rudely interrupt our peaceful slumbers…..sheesh, they’re so rude!! Great photo! Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.


  4. hayhay dennis ok anok ur fase duz luks likez mi fase wen i iz agusteded. likez this nite wen thoz yankkeeez did looooooz that bazbal gamez. soooo u iz ritez ppppfffffftttt or thhhhffppptt? bof sezes it all. ok anok godda go
    hi 5s scooter
    ps mom duz sez no, notz that bandz blackeye peez!!! she did laff bowt that!


  5. Hay Dennis! This is a varee funnee pikture! The sap says you are a varee handsome boy.

    Also, I cee from yur comment on my blog that you know the vishous lobster. He is varee scaree. Watch out. I do not want you to get eeten.


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