my buddy todd!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel yoo may hav wunderd ware we wer going in that viddyo ware mama so kroolly mayd us wayt at the door wel i can tel yoo we wer going to see my buddy todd!!! now hoo is my buddy todd yoo ask??? wel my buddy todd isnt a hoo its more of a wot kind of like mongo frum the faymus dokyoomentry blayzing saddels eksept wareaz mongo wuz just a verry lardj man my buddy todd is a park check it owt it has got trees:

and ummmm more trees:

and bloo skyz with lots of sun becuz of korse this is sunny kalifornya:

tooday the part of sunny kalifornya shal be playd by klowdy kalifornya

ummmm or not and their wuz also oooooooohhhhhh a ball!!!! ball ball ball!!!!

seedling form of the faymus tennis bal tree

sorry i got a littel distrakted their ennyway this wuz shortly after trixie finishd drying off frum her bath and silly dada had forgotin to put her koller bak on and so he had to go home and git it but that set the staydj for a joyus reyoonyun!!!

as they say i cant miss yoo if yoo dont go away hint hint tucker ha ha no i am just kidding sort of

body chek!!!

mama had me praktiss my balanse on top of a big rok:

i had best git treets for this
nom nom nom
tucker!!! git owt of my triptych!!!

hmph ok enuf pozing lets git a moov on shall we?! their ar walkies to be had!!!

dennis wuz heer!!!!! ha ha ha oooh luk it is the wurlds lardjest cat litter boks!!!


unfortchoonatly dada wood not let me go hunting for cat boks kruncheez krool krool dada!!! and then we had to stop for a rest becuz tucker wuz tired!!!

and we rested and rested and rested

and rested and rested and rested

and rested and rested and rested sum more

this is my seeryus fayse!!! seeryusly i am bored!!!

and finaly i had to tel evrybuddy to get the freakin led owt alreddy!!!!

mama and dada ar pretty dense but at last they got the hint!!!

its abowt time!!! jeez we wer sitting their for like five minnits!!!

ohhhh wayt i feel an urdj coming on:

dennis wuz heer too!!!!  ennyway after we were mooving agin mama wunse more had me demonstrayt my mad balansing skilz by kliming a tree!!!  she must think i am a kitty or sumthing!!!

snif snif snif

hay tucker!!! wot do yoo think yoo ar doing down their?!?!?


wel ennyway it wuz a gud time eeven if tucker did keep trying to steel the treets wot ar ritefully mine for doing all theez silly triks!!! ok bye

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28 thoughts on “my buddy todd!!!

  1. Dennis, looking good my friend, boy oh boy, I like the looks of that park with all of those tennis-ball trees man, I like tennis balls a lot but your people sure do like to sit for a long time especially when there are trees to climb and giant boulders to climb and stuff to bark at and everything I sure wish we had some of that sunshine here because right now its like cold and raining and the leaves are all falling off the tree and everything. Ok. Bye for now, your friend Clover.

    Denny, Dude! Resting is good. Chillin, Cosmo.


  2. Hey Dennis we don’t have tennis ball trees here in Michigan. Could you please send us a seed and we’ll grow our own. ktx

    We don’t want to be downy doers but it lookded like you was reunionin everybody but nobody was reunionin you. What’s up with that?

    Bobo and Meja


  3. Dennis…Mama is still laughing at your reunion with Trixie and your Daddy…but I wanted to let you know that WOW you had fun at your friend Todd’s!!!



  4. So, uh, does Trixie the Gorgeous ever get anything out of these strolls or is it all Dennis’s show? I am quite amazed that Dennis can climb trees, though, and must give him a pat on the head for that.



  5. OMG! Trixie totally has a fluffy tail and panty loons! Plus she does macho dog kicks. I think I am in love.



  6. Hi, Dennis!
    I don’t like either when my mom takes her time while we are out walking! I always want to go and go and go!
    I saw it very clear… You were there!
    Kisses and hugs


  7. Good climbing and balancing there Dennis! Mum’s sure is demanding.
    I get bored waiting to move on too!! I bark more than you though.
    ~lickies, Ludo


  8. Todd is a park, golly gosh that’s so weird…
    Wow a dog climbing a tree, I see it but I don’t believe my eyes. That’s just too amazing!!! Are you sure Dada didn’t GIMP you into that tree


  9. Oooh – Dennis – I love that picture of you balancing on a rock!! Really – it’s beautiful! You have the most beautiful expression and your coat colour is just stunning.

    I think you’re very good at balancing in general…I sometimes have trouble staying on my 4 legs when I’m standing on normal ground! Hee! Hee!

    Hey – you know, although I love your “creative” posts – I do like the ones about your “real” adventures best!! 😀

    Honey the Great Dane


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