Chariots of Flyball

After showing the ancient Romans the error of their barbaric gladiatorial combat and introducing them to the wonderful dog sports of agility, fetch, and flyball, I departed from Rome in the Doghouse of Justice, heading back to my own time in the present.  However, my ship has once again fallen short of the mark, this time depositing me in England as the 1924 Olympics are coming up.  And here, I discover that I have changed history in a most disturbing way …


At first, all seems well; I emerge from the Doghouse of Justice and find a human race going on. I grab my tennis ball and join in. Oddly enough, the human racers are also carrying tennis balls, but I unwisely dismiss this as a mere coincidence.


After easily defeating the human racers, I am invited to a post-race party, where they make me a startling offer which I, of course, accept:


At last, flyball has received the recognition it deserves by being included in the Olympics! I immediately implement a most grueling training regimen, in which I easily and repeatedly score the best times on the team. It is only as we near the end of the training season that my offhand remark leads to a devastating revelation:


Not only have my dreams of Olympic glory been crushed, but I am so thrown off my stride that one of the humans actually finishes before me!


Obviously my meddling in the ways of ancient Rome have led directly to this horrible state of affairs. I must find a way to rectify the situation without somehow making it worse. I will find a way! Because I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up.

25 thoughts on “Chariots of Flyball

  1. Insist on two more races for the best two out of three. You are bound to win the last two and then things will be right again, won’t they? Right as rain!

    Candy Kisses,


  2. WOW! i landed in
    cool time-trav’ling adventure!!!
    go, go, go dennis

    How super amazing is this! Sorry about Your loss buy You’re still king to All around here. And to think I almost didn’t stick around long enough to read anything because Your Halloween header is SOOOOOOO scary!

    Happy Halloween and Cheers! 🙂


  3. Hey there Dennis! That was great! You were soooooooooooo close to that guy…Gotta step on the gas at the last second next time! But, take a rest now ok? You worked it!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose


  4. Hey you know wut I always sez: Its not wether you win or lose its wether you have the ball!! And you do have the ball rite?? Ball fer the win!!

    Yer pal Dozer


  5. Mama had a comment ready, but then I read her Khyra’s comment and she can’t stop giggling…

    Sorry about the loss Dennis…but remember what comes around, goes around!!



  6. The fabric of time just ain’t meant to be messed with. Glad you didn’t do anything back there to stop the invention of the internet & blogging.
    I hope you didn’t…
    Dennis tell me you didn’t…


  7. this is about persistence and honor and the glory of victory and or probably just chasing things down a beach, which equals all those things put together. flyball? more like dennisball.


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