sunday awards and meem show!!! stil withowt a theem song!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay it is time wunse agin for the sunday awards and meem show!!!  now i no i promissd a noo theem song but unfortchoonatly i had to fire burt bockarock last week on akkownt of trouble the kitty liked him too mutch however i hav brawt in a noo minstrel to kompoze a theem song for me pleez welkum al stewart!!!


ok wel the first thing i want to menshun is that my gud frend pink daisys halloween kostoom contest is over so congratchoolayshuns to all the winners!!! i wuz of korse judjing the skarriest kostooms yoo can reed all abowt it at daisys blog!!!


ok on to the awards first wuz the midweek award frum the talented purple hatter!!! unfortchoonatly i didnt manadj to find and comment on a noo blog this week as per the roolz but their is stil time for sum nice reeder to do so if yoo post abowt it by the end of the day today!!! sorry purple hatter i dropd the bal on that wun ha ha no seeryusly i dropd my bal has ennywun seen it???

ok nekst is the ghost dog award also frum the purple hatter!!!


the purple hatter wuz hoping that the skarry thunder and litening wood keep the smurfs away and so far so gud i hav not seen a smurf sinse last week wen tucker dunkd smurfette in the green been kasserole but not before she disembowld all the care bares it wuz verry verry sad


okay and finaly the purple hatter comes thru agin with the owtside the boks award!!!


for this award we must find wun blog wot thinks owtside the boks and giv them this award i wood like to giv it to my noo frend ottobiography wot is the story of a turnip and his cat!!! no reely i am not insulting a persun by calling him a turnip otto reely is a turnip!!! ennyway go and check otto owt i do not think you wil be disappoynted and yoo wil definitly find him to be owtside the boks!!!

ok lets chek in with al stewart and see if he has got that theem song reddy yet!!!


18 thoughts on “sunday awards and meem show!!! stil withowt a theem song!!!

  1. Wow – wot a lot of very kool awards and I will definitely check out the halloween costume awards, cuz I’ve been away and have a lot of kaching up to do. I had no idea you lived so near where we were and feel very bad that I did not try to contact you. I wudduv if I new as much and am sad not to have met you. Espeshally since I had an extremely pawsome time in SD and now really luv that place. It is so bootiful! We will defintely come back and promise to kontact you before would that be okay?
    Hugs xo


  2. OK…so when did Al Stewart get OLD??? I must go lay down…

    Sorry Dennis, Mama had to have her say…she is a BIG Al Stewart fan and has this de nile thing about aging, I don’t blame you for sacking the cat loving old dude!



  3. i’m jumping around
    go otto go!!!! yeah!!! dennis
    you have great, great taste!

    Wonderful, highly intellectually stimulating and heart warming post! Can’t stop smiling. And I feel very kindred spirity right now Dennis….I always thought I was the only wicked being on the planet who finds the care bears just this side of annoying. Walking out of Your room smiling huge and feeling a little less alone… 🙂


  4. So, Mr. Popular, only two awards given to you this week??? Pretty shabby, Dennis, I really hope next week is better for you. I spose its because everyone was out getting fitted for their Halloween costumes, and just didn’t have time to send anything out.

    Next time I snitch an award from you, I am going with that blogger buddie award with those two little aliens from outerspace on it. Or, you could present it to me, with pomp and fanfair. But thats the only one I want, don’t send more.



  5. Congrats on the awards, Dennis. We also think you did a fantastic job on the Halloween contest – that was a lot of fun. We need to go check out that turnip and cat.

    woos, the OP Pack


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