master of disgize!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay in order to uncover the trooth abowt this ninja hedjhog konspeerasy and find owt if dada is reely a ninja hedjhog sleeper aydjent i hav deesided to go undercover amongst the ninja hedjhogs disgized as wun of there own chek it owt!!!


with this impenetrabul mask on i wil finaly be abel to lern all the seekrets of the ninja hedjhogs!!! wish me lukk and dont tel ennybuddy ok???? thanks ok bye

Later …


Meanwhile …


34 Comments on “master of disgize!!!

  1. Oh Dear! This could get very interesting! I didn’t know Dennis knew how to use numchucks, or upchucks, or whatever those things are!


  2. Oh, My! Dennis you have really gotten yourself in a mess this time.
    Did that Hedgehog shrinkatize you to your current size? Doubt that the beautiful Trixie or Tucker can get you out of this one. Better go see Trouble and find out what she knows.



  3. Do you smell like one too? bol

    My mom went to Hallowcon in Chattanooga–more horror than sf. She said there were way too many Heath Ledgers whatever that is.

    love & wags,


  4. Sad that all the gore and horror of Halloween is over because I liked the Halloween header really much!!!

    Where did you get that ninja mask!? It’s quite freaky.

    Beware of the hedgehog that can run and spin!


  5. congrats on the “Awesome Blog” award…….sorry if we’re late in wishing you as we only saw this when we voted for Max



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