To The Dog Park!




Meanwhile …


39 Comments on “To The Dog Park!

  1. Dennis, this one has the Mango totally perplexed. I see no good ending. I am also seriously concerned about your choice of masks. That perpetual grin is creepy. All that said, I think those snails might be yummers.



  2. Loves those rides and bootiful SD dog parks, but I, too, am flummoxed by da mask, Dennis!!! However… the snails might be well worth investigating!
    Hugs xo


  3. Hai Dennis, snails, REALLY? Ummm ewwwwwwwww! Dun worry all us dawgs will help yoo out. I will store sum of my treats fer yoo when yoo gets out of dere.



    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  4. Hmmm… I can’t help wondering “Can any good come of this???”
    What if the hedgehog loves being a dog too much & won’t swap back??? you could be stuck on a snail diet forever…


  5. Hi Dennis – we rather like snails, but our humans always try to stop us from munching them – sigh….! Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.


  6. Dennis twy them wif gobs of wunny, gawlicky buttew..they awen’t half bad that way, but you might have to wemove the mask to do that..the doggies seem to be having a gweat time at theat pawk
    don’t you want to be thewe too?
    smoochie kisses


  7. oh my lord! nanchucks!
    i used to be great with those…
    what park? I’m coming!!!

    Thanks for the laugh You guys! Cheers and Namaste. 🙂


  8. The expression on that hedgehog mask really makes me giggle!

    God, Dennis, I’d be scared to live in your house what with all th strange creatures that always seem to be infiltrating it – chickens, smurfs, hedgehogs…

    Honey the Great Dane


  9. I bet Trouble is in her little house looking at her Catwoman and Ali z posters, thanking the Great Cat for brains enough to stay out of Dennis’s endless trouble.
    What I really don’t like about Hedgehog Dennis is those teensy little hands and fingernails. Yuck! I am fairly sure your Dada is not involved in any Hedgehog conspiracy, so lose it, Dennis!



  10. oh Dennis, I can not believe they eat snails! ohmigod, you must come back, please! They are dangerous! 🙂
    You don’t have idea how much fun your brothers are having with your pal at the beautiful garden dog!There are lots of sweet flowers there! I’m enchanted by that garden, I would love be there among that cute flowers and friends!
    I will be thinking of you!

    Take care okay


  11. The wild flowers at the dog park are gorgeous. Dennis you’re totally missing out. I think you should leave the snails behind and get to the dog park.


  12. garlic and parsley and snails = yum yum… or so momster says… but then again she’s weird… are you sure you want to go on with the snail meals?!


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