hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel it seems that after choaking down a kuple of snayls i now hav the ninja hedjhogs kompleetly foold!!! in fakt i wuz pikd to go on sum sort of top seekret verry important rayd with them!!! i can only imadjin wot sort of nefaryus items we mite be steeling!!! weppons??? nookular mateeryal??? hanna montanna rekords??? soon i wil find owt wot the first peese of there master plan is!!!

Later …



28 Comments on “rayd!!!!!

  1. Looks like you may be “stuck” with that mask for awhile! At least Elmer’s glue is water soluble!


  2. Sheesh! All you doggies with your sticky words sure are making it hard on the Mango. I had to look up glue in the thesaurus and even then you stole all the funny stuff and only left stick like a barnacle for me which I totally cannot make a pun out of.




  3. Uh Oh Dennis, I don’t think that mask will be coming off in a hurry now. Better get used to looking like a hedgehog for a long time


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