23 thoughts on “Observed Around The Secret Ninja Hedgehog Lair

  1. ha! s. le called it!!!
    i have faith in you dennis!
    you’ll escape somehow….

    And we’ll have to throw a grand ticker-tape parade!!! Here here and cheers all around!!! 🙂


  2. We can get the head off, just use the hedgehog leaders sword and be very, very, very careful about cutting around the neck.

    No sweat, Dennis!



  3. You are in a sitchuashun now Dennis. Wot arrr you gonna do now that yure weird fake head’s glued on with a sick grin all the time? I’m with Mango – u need some ree in forse ments and soon. Who wants a mealworm around giving one nutsy orders?
    xo Sammie


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