The Arena

After discovering that I have inadvertently changed history and transformed flyball from a dog sport into a human sport, I hurried back to the Doghouse of Justice so that I could return to ancient Rome and rectify the situation.  But evidently my commands to the Doghouse of Justice’s computers were misinterpreted yet again, and I have found myself taken to a different arena from the one I had intended to visit …

Instead of ancient Rome, I find myself in the far future, on a distant planet, where I am reunited with some old friends just before a bizarre gladiatorial contest is about to begin.


Even my unparalleled diplomatic skills will be useless in this situation — there can be no reconciliation between Kirk and his formidable opponent:


The battle begins. I cannot sit by and watch as Kirk is destroyed by this creature, but will my assistance be enough to allow him to prevail? At first it seems not!


The Gorn, too powerful to be overcome by physical strength, hurls us both to the ground, tangling us in a crude net of its own creation!


At the last moment, I manage to chew through the ropes and we narrowly escape being crushed by a huge rock held by the creature. We flee into the canyon, where we find some unexpected assistance:


Using only a ball-point pen, some staples, some glue, a chocolate bar, one of Kirk’s cans of body spray, and an abandoned Howitzer, MacGyver and Kirk cobble together a small yet effective piece of artillery that proves to be the turning point in the struggle against the Gorn!


At last, the Gorn lies defeated, and the crisis is averted. Yet Kirk cannot resist a small final dig at his vanquished opponent:


With the danger passed, Kirk and I beam aboard his ship, where Mr. Scott quickly determines why I have been having so much trouble with the Doghouse of Justice lately:


I hope that this repair will enable me to finally control the Doghouse of Justice properly and, perhaps, rectify the changes I have wrought in the time-space continuum. I have the utmost confidence in Mr. Scott, and, of course, I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up.

17 thoughts on “The Arena

  1. I LOVE IT! I love the remarks about fashion! Way to get a person rattled! LOL 🙂 I also LOVE how creative they are with what they have available to fight back with….food, yummy! 🙂 LOL


  2. Dennis, I think you accomplished…. NOTHING! Well, except for getting the Gorn all pissed off about his stupid dress, but I don’t think you really addressed the whole flyball issue so keep working on that, OK?



  3. The Blue Screen O’Death! Of Course! Thank dog that you ran into Scotty! (And you made Mom’s day; she can’t get enough of that starship captain/chick magnet!) But. Um. So this will all help with the human flyball thing, right?

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona (Mom is still swooning. Have I mentioned that she’s a bit odd?)


  4. You know, I don’t think the Gorn looked so bad for a Gorn and that was a good outfit for him. That whole Gorn negativity thing really isn’t good at all.

    Ah, but isn’t it great to see MacGyver? Where HAS that guy been?



  5. Well we knew it was only a matter of time before the Starship Enterpise showed up!
    Not only have you succeeded in changing history Dennis but we think the future of dogkind lies in your paws……
    Martha & Bailey xxx


  6. What a coincidence MacGyver was there! And not as his alter-ogo from that other show either, though some big guns might have helped too.
    ~lickies, Ludo


  7. Can you imagine what destruction could have been had with just a bit of copper wire to add to the mix! Gee I thought by stardate 4011 (or what ever date that was) Windows would have be out of business and we would have computers the shape of penguins!


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