25 thoughts on “Overheard Around The House

  1. Hi Dennis Friend! I hope Trixie and Tucker rescue you soon! Oh and congratulations on your flyball certificate. I have seen your flying before and it is really good. Oh, nevermind mommy explained it was not for that kind of flyball. Well, good job either way!


  2. Dennis
    Finally your failing around the house paid off. Nice work. As for Sherlock Tucker and Trixie, I’m not sure about their hunt for the real dennis. I think they are playing charades.


  3. loving the costumes!
    much hilarity today
    hang on dennis….sooooooooon!

    What?!!! Trouble Kitty did away with all the dogs????!!! Oh! Which one is that? Must read, must read…..

    Thank You and Cheers All! 🙂


  4. Oh, no! What has happened to Dennis?? Has the impostor kidnapped him? Flies indeed! Good thing Holmes and Watson are on the case. Congrats to the real Dennis for his certificate!


  5. What would Dennis ever do without Trixie the wonderdog & Tucker TMBTDVD to look out for him?? I hope they can wrap it up before Friday otherwise Dennis may get charged detective overtime rates on the weekend which are probably quite pricey


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