26 thoughts on “The Search For Dennis Continues …

  1. OMD. Sorry we haven’t visited lately… my asst.’s been off working, of all things. I should fire her. We read through the back posts and are amazed by all the developments that have occured. (BTW, congrats on the FlyBall cert! Way to GO!!!)- but… where are you now, speaking of FLYball? Looking forward to the next episode.
    xo Sammie


  2. Lets face it, Tucker doesn’t have a whole lot of imagination. Trixie even looks beautiful in that stupid hat.

    Wasn’t that Dennis and the sword carrying hedgehog in the last frame there? Hmmm, what now?



  3. Dennis
    Thank you fow that song..I’m afwaid tonight might be snickew’s last night hewe on eawf..We can’t sttop cwying..she was one of my fiwst fwiends and is my cousin too..and a sweet sweet giwl who’s only six yeaws old..I cant imagine Butchy wifout Snickews..he will miss hew so
    Sowwy about wambling..sometimes having so many fwinds to love huwts an awful lot
    We all become family
    have a safe good night
    smoochie kisses,ASTA


  4. i don’t think i have ever seen a comfy chair with houses in the print. that’s unique! a unique chair for a unique guy with unique sense of humor. e3njoying your posts dennis.


  5. how can you do that???????????!!!
    i’ve got a day to get through
    damn this deep suspense…..

    I’m going to hear scary, exciting cliffhanger music in my head all day now. Which is probably a good thing! Thank You and Cheers and I’m off to find out about Your pith helmet curse!!!! 🙂


  6. Tucker you worked so hard searching for Dennis. I think perhaps Trixie could have been a bit more supportive. Hey there’s 2 ninja hedgehogs in the house. Run away, run away!!!


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