26 thoughts on “Observed Around The House

  1. Wow! Tucker is really smart to wrap things up on Friday. I bet the earth will be shaking now that those rodents are on to flyball. Dennis doesn’t look any worse for wear.



  2. Mango, what do you mean “Dennis doesn’t look any worse for wear.?” His miniaturized head is fitted onto the body of a hedgehog? How much worse can it get than that??? A hedgehog is inhabiting Dennis’s body. This is one the the creeepiest stories I have ever seen here. And Tucker thinks its a wrap! And Trixie is seeking drugs so her mind can cope with the whole situation. Ahhhh, man. Bad, bad, bad!



  3. Well, I just finished reading the entire adventure and well…. this indeedy was quite an ordeal
    This is completely great that everything turned out so well in the end… right?
    That one little hedge hog resembles your baby photo

    Happy week-end puppies and Troublekins too


  4. Every time I come over to your place early in the morning, you guys are not up yet with your new adventure. When I finally have a chance to come take another look at what you have been up to, WOW! Rest a bit! 🙂


  5. I had faith that it’d be wrapped up in time for the weekend. Ninja hedgehog flyball should be interesting. Do you think they will enter a team into the Grand Championships


  6. I am sure glad these adventures only take a week, I don’t know if I could stand the suspense. Like when the Sweet Tater guy was around.


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