Roamin’ Holiday

After the repairs that Mr. Scott effected to the navigation system of the Doghouse of Justice, I had hoped to be able to navigate it as expertly as I did the original version which was, sadly, destroyed by dinosaurs last year.  However, it appears that something in the circuitry still is not working properly.  It has returned me to the correct place, but nowhere near the correct time …


Detecting some activity in a nearby building, I sneak inside, hoping to find someone who can tell me when I am; but I inadvertently crash some sort of royal gala, drawing the ire of one individual and the admiration of another.


Later, the Princess invites me to tea, where I innocently suggest we go for walkies, not realizing that the Princess has never been out on her own before.


In the plaza, we meet a friendly gentleman who buys the Princess her first ice cream cone. Sadly, I do not get any.


Afterwards, the gentleman suggests we go scooting. I never knew that humans engaged in this behavior — this will make a fascinating addition to the anthropology course I teach at the university!


Unfortunately I soon realize that i misinterpreted the type of scooting that was intended, once again illustrating the difficulties inherent in trying to understand an alien culture. This is a completely different activity from what I expected, less fun and, once the Princess takes the handlebars, much more dangerous.


We soon arrive at a local attraction, a large wall engraving that is evidently worshiped by the locals as some sort of greedy and vengeful god.


Unfortunately, like Cassandra, my predictions go unheeded.


After dropping our friend off at the local emergency room, the Princess and I return to the piazza for more ice cream, where we say our goodbyes.


Then, suddenly, from out of nowhere, a bizarre visitor appears!


Who is this strange character? How does he know my name? And where did he find a DeLorean? I will find the answer to these questions — because I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up.

25 thoughts on “Roamin’ Holiday

  1. Dennis
    That pwincess was vewy nice eve though you had to be in black and white..I hope she shawed that final ice cweam wif you.
    I get so wowwied when you have these adventoowes ,but I have total faith in awe aftew all DENNIS THE VIZSLA!
    smoochie kisses,ASTA


  2. Wooos Dennis! One of Mom’s favorites, and now it is one of mine! he, he he……..I hope woo got some of that ice cream, but beware of scooters, Mom gets mad if we do that!.


  3. Whoops! We loved it when that dumb guys hand got bit off. Why won’t anybody listen to the dog? This was one of your most best adventures ever!



  4. i’m sure glad you know how to show a princess a good time. Damn, all that weight on her head must be giving her a headache! she looks pissed off… then throw away the crown and its happy Dennis time!


  5. Dennis, whatever you do – don’t get in the car! Go to the palace with the pretty princess and get some ice cream.
    Stay safe
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey
    ps we think you are in the 1950’s


  6. Dennis, you did the pwincess a favor by showing her how FUN walkies and ice cream can be! And you are SO wise… I can’t wait for the next part!


  7. Sweet adventure Dennis! Glad you survived the Princess driving the scooter. It did look a bit hair raising.
    Can’t wait to hear about your next adventure!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose


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