its the sunday awards and meem show!!! no longer feetchering folk singers!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel for now i hav givin up on the folk singers becuz the all seem to have an abnormal attatchmint to cats so insted i hav deesided to tayk tuckers sugjestchun for sumwun diffrent to rite me a theem song and so welkum mister ozzy ozzborn!!!


ok first we wil start off with a meem!!! it has ben a wile sinse we did wun of those this is a wun wurd anser meem wot has ben mayking the rownds i pikd it up from my gud frend s le by the way i am sorry abowt the poor spelling and improper punkchooayshun and kapitalizayshun of the kwestchuns but their wer so menny it wood tayk me too long to korrekt them all!!! so heer we go with my ansers:

1. Where is your cell phone? konfiskayted
2. Your hair? red
3. Your mother? mama
4. Your father? dada
5. Your favorite food? raw
6. Your dream last night? flyball!!!!
7. Your favorite drink? chateau lafite 1787 (sorry i no that is more then wun wurd)
8. Your dream/goal? victory!!!!
9. What room are you in? tent
10. Your hobby? flyball!!!!
11. Your fear? hedjhogs
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? lap!!!
13. Where were you last night? sleeping
14. Something that you aren’t? slow!!!
15. Muffins? mmmmmmmmmmmmm
16. Wish list item? stuffies!!!!
17. Where did you grow up? dunno
18. Last thing you did? flyball!!!
19. What are you wearing? neepads
20. Your TV? off
21. Your pets? none and hay mama that reminds me i want a pet rat!!!
22. Friends? trixie
23. Your life? dog’s
24. Your mood? eksooberant
25. Missing someone? nope
26. Vehicle? mama’s
27. Something you’re not wearing? clothes!!!
28. Your favorite store? dexter’s
29. Your favorite color? red
30. When was the last time you laughed? recently
31. Last time you cried? forgotten
32. Your best friend? mama!!!! i meen dada!!!! i meen trixie!!! oh gosh i cannot deeside!!!
33. One place that I go to over and over? yard
34. One person who emails me regularly? bankers
35. Favorite place to eat? anyware!!!

speeking of witch it seems that the smal hedjhog wot wuz impersonayting me has run up a verry lardj credit kard bil frum pertchasing his own set of flybal jumps and bokses and so i must tern to my frends the forin bankers for anuther infyoozhun of cash!!!


dont wurry mr ozzy ozzborn wunse the munny arrives i wil be aybel to pay yore songriting fee!!!


ok nekst is the blog buddy award wot the chronicle of woos otherwise nown as the op pack gayv to all there nice reederz!!!


now as yoo can see … um …. hay that award is a bunch of kitties!!!! wel at leest they ar verry yung kitties wot hav probly not yet bekum eevil and jayded like some other kitties i cud menshun *koff* trouble *koff* in keeping with the speerit in wich the op pack handed owt this award i too wood like to invite all my bestest blog buddeez to tayk it!!! eeven if yoo ar not kitties!!!

now finaly as yoo may remember last week we had the posibly kursd or posibly not kursd ra award now i wuz supozd to keep this award sayf for a week and then hand it owt to sumwun:


now as yoo may no …. oh gosh wot is rong with ozzy ozzborn???


uh oh ummmmmm wel thats a rap folks!!!! nothing to see heer!!!! in fakt we didnt eeven hav a sunday awards and meem show tooday!!!! toon in tomorrow for more merry hijinks ha ha ok bye


26 thoughts on “its the sunday awards and meem show!!! no longer feetchering folk singers!!!

  1. hayhayhay denis!! ok anok itz me. scooter. i gess u did not needz mee tu fly ofer tu com an savezez u acuz i nefer did heer u callin mee. mom wuz wunderin whut u did du wif ur ward frum ejupt. she seded at furst it wuz curseded and then not but maabee now it iz acuz ov the 7 daze???? i dunno an i doan reelee unnerstan. ok anok. so i tol mom i godda bee abel tu see denis at lees 1 timez durin that week, wich i fink iz 7 daze. sooo heer i iz!!
    ok anok . godda go i fink i needz a snak.
    Hi 5s
    pee ess ok anok that dude ozzee is craazee. wuz it him whut did takeded that ward an cawt that curse thing? i iz not so shur jus whut did happenerer not so unushual fur me sumtimez ok anok mom sez i reeelee godda goz now. sheesh muvver whut a buzz kill lader dude


  2. O dear, another new langwidge to learn!

    So, Ozzie’s gone, right! Or is that some kind of magical hedgehog trick? Or an Egyptian thing? Great letter from Mr. Shamz! lol

    Tucker rested up today and just helped moved things along a little. Well, what can go wrong with a meme/awards show?

    Peeess, I think I will take the buddies award as far as you are concerned I deserve it, but I will give it to Ali Z on Tuesday, being she is of the feline family. Cheers, Dennis, Tucker, Beautiful Trixie and Trouble wherever you are!


  3. That was a most enlightening blog. I can see what a complex guy you are. So many questions. How did you ever do them all?

    Watch out for the remains of that Ozzy dude. Your house might be declared a hazardous site.



  4. P.S. We always like to read your response to those banker dudes. In fact momma put it up at work and all the uber geeks were choking on their diet cokes they thought it was such a laugh riot. Of course they like the three stooges too so go figure.



  5. Hi Dennis & Tucker..
    nice celebrity guest.. but most impressive was your attempt to claim your funds. I think pee mail is the only way to communicate duh? perhaps ozzie should try it.


  6. Gulp!
    I’m sowt of glad you didn’t choose me to give that egypshun awawd to.
    When you get all that money fwom that vewy wepootable Mw. I have a few things I might need fow the Chwissmuss see I have all these fwiends and no money to give them giftses so I would appweciate a loan Dennis, OK?
    I’m suwe he will love youw pee mail and send the money wight away, hehe
    smoochie kisses,ASTA


  7. Dennis, you are a very astute bidness partner. Will you go into bidness with me? As long as you do your bidness on your long and Wild Dingo employees do it on their own lawn, I’m sure it will prove to be a lasting bidness relationship. And bankers like Mohamad Shams (is he a sham?) would like to parnter with and give all his monay to us…
    wild dingo


  8. i think you must get rid of that strange guy with the crows and the black clothes…… and here’s to flyball and stuffies. i think we need to swop lives for a bit, heee heee heee


  9. I really like your list even though you CHEATED and used multiple word answers. I will forgive you because you are a cute doggy.


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