hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel as yoo may hav gessd the sunday awards and meem show did not appeer and no selebritteez wer harmd dooring its tayping this is on akkownt of i wuznt home i wuz playing flyball chek it owt!!!

yes thats rite its a sport for pyoorbreds and mixd breeds and reskyooz wich just abowt covers enny dog wot mite want to play we hav menny diffrent dogs on owr teem heer ar a fyoo of them:

this is my fan club!!!
i am keeping a low profile until the paparazzi leev
first my nose and nekst the rest of me!!!
sorry no i do not hav enny gray poopon
this is where the fluffy dogs hang owt!!!
krates ar for dogs wot dont fit on laps
first i ketch zee ball. zen i kill zee ball.
pleezd to meet yoo jerry maguire but i do not need an aydjent

of korse sumtimes unawthorizd persuns try to sneek into the lineup


of korse it is not all just abowt sitting arownd luking pritty its abowt running!!!

lets git reddy to flyyyybaaaaaalllll!!!!!!


and wot cud be better then running??? more running!!!

so as yoo can see it wuz a good day hanging owt with my frends and playing flyball yesterday and i did it all day long and thats why ozzy ozzborn never kaym over to wurk on a theem song for the sunday awards and meem show!!! ok bye

35 thoughts on “flyyyyyybaaaaaaalllll!!!

  1. i had no idea
    that this was a real event!!!
    this is very cool!

    Wow. I LOVED this post. I’m a cat person and was clueless, cluless, clueless!!! You and Your friends are amazing. And I’m so happy the hedge hogs are supportive. 🙂

    Cheers All!


  2. Dennis!! What a fantasic post – LOVE the videos!!!! It was so exciting watching, I could barely stay still!! My human says that she will take me to try Flyball after we settle in Australia – I can’t wait, especially after watching all your videos!
    Gosh – you are FAST!!!

    Honey the Great Dane


  3. It was fun meeting all your friends and fan club – we loved the one hiding from the puperazzi. You sure are fast, Dennis, you need to share your secret with some of those other pups too. BTW, what IS your secret?

    Woos, the OP Pack


  4. Amazing, I don’t think we do that down South just yet, we got to get that started down here, really cool! Dennis, I think you just may be faster than a Shih-Tzu, just a hunch.

    Benny “The Tank”


  5. I will admit to being dazzled by your speed and agility, Dennis!

    Wasn’t Ozzie at your house last Sunday and turned into a pile of smoke and rubble by the hedgehogs? This is my memory, Dennis.



  6. Ok hi!
    oh phoey… now that Loki’s seen and HEARD it, he wants to play. so many trainers keep saying to play flyball with him. i donno what flyball is tho. where the heck is the ball in this sport? i don’t even see it!

    but it sure looks fun and you sure are fast!
    wild dingo


  7. wow Dennis, congratulations!
    What a fabulous performance and this event was really cool!
    I’m envious because I stay inside home all time, and it’s raining a lot nowadays! 😦
    Anyway it’s time for a good catnap! LOL
    I loved your post!
    purrs and love


  8. Holy Mackerel or something of that nature. Dennis, you are the pawesomest!!! What legs you got honey-bunches!!! I am so impressed by your speeeeeeeed!!!! Wowzers – wish I could run 1/2 as fast! Big blue ribbons fer ya!!!!
    Huggers xo


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