Wordless Wednesday: A Dee-Luxe Apartment In The Sky

42 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday: A Dee-Luxe Apartment In The Sky

  1. i’ve never tried that
    laying down in the potty…
    prob’ly never will!

    But egad! That’s a brilliant funny picture. Not that I’m laughing AT You, Trouble. 🙂

    Cheers All!


    • Trouble tends to spill food in them, even when the food is nowhere near them, so this way one stays clean until I get home to change them (except when she yaks up a hairball into both of them).


  2. Thanks for nothing! Now The Evil Fred and his lacky, George Bofur are demanding similar accoutrements! Traitor!


  3. Next time, can we get a tour through Trouble’s Condo, please? I thought I might have seen it in a recent Architectural Digest but it was another cat.




  4. Very cool apartment! Can you see the beach from there? I don’t think Mr. Bufus would like it, though, because I don’t think he could get his lard-butt large and venerable self up there.

    *kissey face*


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