45 thoughts on “Overheard Around The House

  1. Nice that you are such a friendly, welcoming guy, Tucker. You have any plans for these Big Birds? Nothing interesting like this EVER happens at our house.

    Has Dennis seen them yet? The beautiful Trixie?



  2. Um. The only turkeys that I have seen come frozen and wrapped in plastic. I think I like that kind much better – these look like they might wreak havoc. And I can’t imagine the struggle you’ll have getting them into that plastic wrapping…

    *kissey face*


  3. So my chicken wings come originally with feathers attached to them as well?!?!?!?! That is something to think about on the weekend… 🙂 Slobbers Teal’c


  4. rut roh!!!! run turkeys
    run as swiftly as you can!
    or not. wait..what? hmmmmmm…

    I’ve been a veggie for a bit but Thanksgiving always brings tender juicy memories. Sigh. Cheers and happy feasting All! 🙂


  5. is it just me or is that a vulture in the upper left?

    this post reminds me of a thanksgiving rip’s brother came from his farm to our house in suburbia~ in his 1972 cadillac fleetwood with a deadhead sticker on the bumper….he said he’d bring the turkey for our dinner. we were sitting outside when he pulled up…he got out of the car and opened up the back door when out jumps two live turkeys!! yep, we ate those turkeys that year! thanks for lettingme share a fond memory…cool post.


  6. Ha the dog looks exactlly like my cousin’s dog.his name is Axi;)He thinks too at food and all this :))

    Enjoy your time,Dennis 🙂


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