Where Have All The Turkeys Gone?

33 Comments on “Where Have All The Turkeys Gone?

  1. seriously dennis, what were the pooches looking at? also i like the turkey hiding behind the hutch…but what is that underneath?


  2. Dennis, I don’t blame you for hiding your head in shame. I mean, Tucker should have seen this coming. Still, I’d tell your parents to rush to the store and buy LOTS of stuffing before it is sold out…


  3. Better move around a bit or that nasty turkey buzzard may try to “nip you in the butt.” (my attempt to knock off “nip it in the bud”)


  4. Wooos! Yum! Turkey! And you have several of your very own, lucky woo!
    -Kira The BeaWootiful


  5. Hai yoo know what?? I has dem in my yard! I fink? Mom insists dey is Guinea Fowl but dey look jus like dems. And yoo know what? Dey is so fun to chase!! Yup yup dey is! And dey make funny noises too. BOL


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  6. Are these the turkeys that were on the ship? Or did they come from another place (and time?) Who let them in the house? Have I missed something here? With all the birds on the ship and all in your house it will take a butcher days to kill them and ready them for the oven. Better start now!




  7. yosemite sam
    sidin’ with the wild turkeys!
    cool showdown comin’!!!

    Oh man! Sorry Dennis, but I gotta root for the birds! But then again, I got a sick feeling in my stomach when that one turkey asked if the dogs were about to expire. Turkeys don’t eat dogs for Thanksgiving…..do they…..DO THEY???!!!

    Holding my breath…

    Cheers All! 🙂


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