Fetch to the Future

After a relaxing weekend spent squiring the Princess around Rome, my holiday came to an abrupt end with the arrival of a mysterious, disheveled man driving a car that, in this place and time, should not exist.  Knowing my name and claiming that I have wrought havoc with the time-space continuum, he urges me to get into his vehicle.  Is he a friend?  A foe?  Or both?  Only time will tell …

Deciding that, for once, discretion is the better part of valor, I decline to go with this strange person … at least, until he makes me an offer that no dog could refuse:

But when I enter the vehicle, it is revealed to be more than merely a DeLorean. Instead of heading off for a drive through the fragrant countryside, I find myself launched straight up into the night skies above Rome. And

An instant later we have arrived at our destination, which is … where? And why are we here?

And only then do I learn the terrifying truth:

Somehow my old enemies the Kongleks have conquered the earth and created a race of half-human, half-Konglek mutants! How could this have happened? And more importantly, how can I avoid getting blamed for it? I must find the answer to these questions and put things right, because the Kongleks are not only evil and heartless, but they don’t play fetch or hand out treats. The world cannot be left in their hands, and it will not — because I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up!

28 thoughts on “Fetch to the Future

  1. When you get back to earth, you should be thrilled to know you have become the Ruinator of All Time, with no competition. Check my blog and excuse us for stealing your pic.



  2. Dennis, we can’t get any pics at the moment!
    We have warned you before though about getting into a car with a stranger.
    It doesn’t matter what they offer!!!
    We will keep our paws crossed!
    Martha & Bailey
    PS Congrats on winning Stella’s competition – we were saying how lucky your humans are that you helped them declutter!!


  3. OMD…the Konglets SO need to be eaten…I will call Uncle Cowboy right away…he has mastered the art of the Kong!!

    Mama thinks maybe you should call Dr. Who…he could come in handy about now!



  4. HI Dennis!
    So brave of you to get into the car with the strange looking man! We are sure you can conquer those Konglets! We hear that the ones with peanutbutter are really yummy! Go get em!
    We really enjoyed reading your blog. Weeeee
    – Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Scrappy & Bullet


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