its the sunday awards and meem show!!! now with theem song wot i rote myself!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel it seems that having sumwun else rite a theem song for the sunday awards and meem show is not wurking owt so wel and so i hav ritten wun myself and hired sum peepul to sing it chek it owt!!!

ha ha ok sooper wel this week we hav sevral awards to pass owt starting with the wite elefant award frum my gud frend the purple hatter!!!

as per the purple hatter the only rool for this award is to giv it owt prowdly and so i will!!! i wood like to giv this award to my frends mack hoo mayks a mess, the jugglers of roses, the dingoes wot ar wild, luda, and brownie hoo barks!!!

and now lets git reddy to heer the first vers of my theem song sung by kristchin and sateen frum the moolon roodj!!!

ummmm ha ha i think kristchin and sateen ar a littel konfyoozd abowt wich song they are suppozd to be singing wile we git that straytend owt lets moov on to the nekst award wich is the best blog award frum my frend maggie the mostly vizsla!!!

according to the roolz on this wun i shud pass this award on to fifteen other blogs holy cow that is more then i hav toes i think!!!! i wil hav to git owt my abakus for this wun!!! ok heer goze:

  1. dory hoo has her own bakyard!!!
  2. martha and bailey the yoonyun organizing bassets!!!
  3. joe stains and tanner the very wel dressd dogs!!!
  4. and tula monsta hoo is not reely a monsta but is in fakt a dog!!!
  5. and tooty nolan hoo may be only tandjentchally tooty
  6. lets not forgit my gud frend shadow the poet!!!
  7. and of korse the big dancing honey dog!!!
  8. and lorenza the keeper of the diary!!!
  9. and the sibe tribes!!!  thats khyra and the op pack and the thundering herd and mochi and capn maverick feetchering lisa the mean!!!
  10. ok so now this is reely number thirteen akkording to my kalkyoolayshuns and this wun goze to the howse wot has two cats!!!
  11. and this is reely number forteen for my frend doraz hoo is feeling mutch better now!!!
  12. and finaly this is reely number fifteen wich goze to nellie and calvert hoo dont maskerayd with the guy in shayds oh no!!!

whew that wuz kwite a list now i hope that has given kristchin and sateen time to find the rite songbuk ok tayk it away kristchin and sateen!!!

jeez those too hav got a wun trak mind!!! lets let them go bak and reed my leeriks wun more time and meenwile we wil moov on to the nekst award wot is not reely an award its a triveea kwestchun wot i anserd at my frend maggie maes abowt a dog breed:

this is a kuvasz wot is a dog frum hungary just like me!!! wel i am frum california but my ansestors ar frum hungary!!! thanks for the hungarian showt owt maggie mae!!! and now bak to my singers hoo hav ashoord me that they ar reddy to sing the song wot i rote insted of that crazy stuf they hav ben singing!!!

aiiieeee wot is the matter with yoo two??!?!? ok i am giving yoo wun last chanse to git this rite or yoo ar so fired!!! ok the last award for the day is frum my frend stella hoo invited all us dogs to rite in and tel her abowt the stuf wot we destroyd i gess she didnt git that menny entreez so i sort of won by defawlt but ennyway i shud poynt owt that eksept in a verry fyoo kayses their is no akchooal viddyo evidense that i reely destroyd all that stuf and i kontinyoo to mayntayn it wuz the ninja hedjhogs!!! but i wil aksept this award on there behaff!!! ok now lets go bak to owr gest singers frum the moolan roodj and see if they hav gottin the song rite at last or — uh oh we hav an unawthorizd persun on the set!!!

aiiieeeeee its my old enemy darth tater!!!! oh no wayt it is just darth vader whew i wuz wurreed their for a sekond

ummmm ok so thats the end of a verry verry disterbing sunday awards and meem show!!! if ennywun needs me i wil be under the bed!!! ok bye

29 thoughts on “its the sunday awards and meem show!!! now with theem song wot i rote myself!!!

  1. Under the bed, huh? LOL 🙂 I just love the crazy people you have hanging around! Tooo much excitement for me! I love the photo of your little dog friend. Beautiful, he is! OH, congrats to all of you bloggers named for all the hard work you do to make your blogs fun to visit. 🙂 THANK YOU SO MUCH for giving me the honor of such a GREAT AWARD! Smile…Smile….Smile….is me!


  2. Wow that was kind of serious punishment for just singin’ some rowdy songs, wasn’t it?

    After all Nicole is a mother now, and married to a top Country Western singer Keith Urban, so taking off her head is sort of a Henry VIII gesture isn’t it? Not even a courtroom to defend herself not to mention Ewan McGregor. Get with it, Dennis!



  3. Umm Dennis…I think you have once agan messed with the time continu umm thingy…How can Darth and Obi Wan fight again when Obi gets old if Darth ummm…isn’t even Darth…cause he is Aneekin…

    Never mind…my Mama is a geek and she was telling me what to write!!!

    I say Thank you so much for the award and hope under the bed is nice and comfy!!



  4. Dennis,

    Those two are even scawier than Ozzy… Yikes! Devo might do a better job, you might consider them next time 😉

    Congrats on winning Stella’s contest, wow you make us look good… Thanks!

    We are honored to receive this award and accept it…. ok ok that’s as modest as us Schnauzers can get! hehehe. We just wanna known if we can we pass it on…

    Thanks again!



  5. Congratulations on winning Stella’s contest! I know you are The Master of Destruction!
    Congratulations on your awards and thanks for giving it to me!
    Kisses and hugs


  6. Dennis,
    I think that your entry into that contest intimidated everybody else. You are the master of destruction. We do not even know who those two people are, but I think they need to be fired.



  7. Who ARE those singers – they really do need to get a room.

    Thanks for the award, not sure we deserve it along with all those other wonderful bloggers, but we will take it – thanks, Dennis.

    Woos, the OP Pack


  8. You are definitely at one with the light saber, Dennis. Congrats on the award from Stella!!! And you so need to fire those vocalists – totally scary stuff. I’d be under the bed too.
    Hugs xo


  9. Maybe you should try Donny and Marie next time — are they still singing? I saw that Donny was in the finals for Dancing with the Stars — he and the other finalists were on Larry King the other night — saw this sitting in a restaurant. Donny looks old & I guess that makes makes me old too! Congratulations for your awards and THANK YOU for the award! We are quite honored!


  10. Dennis, congratulations on your awards. You are a cool dude and you need a theme song, but whoa those singers were way off. You need something like the Bonanza theme song. Dundadadundada Dennis, dundadaddundadada Dennis is the man! Hes so cool, hes so hot, he can get the babes… I can’t think of any more but you get the idea

    licks and sniffs, Sasha


  11. Congrats Dennis and thank you for the award but I think you only gave it to twelve blogs, were you counting Tanner more than once since he is so fat??

    I bet Jennifer Lopez is looking for a job after falling on her butt at the music awards last night.


  12. Hey, Dennis-

    Thank yoo verry much fer my furst ever award! Jest as soon as Mummy figgures owt how to post it on my blog, I will display it there prowdly, and I will gives it owt prowdly too!

    Yer pal,


  13. In your top fifteen! Thank you Dennis. You’re such an inspirational dog, that Ernie, my Chihuahua, is now demanding a spot of his own on my site. Hmmm, maybe INSPIRATIONAL isn’t quite the word I was looking for…


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