32 thoughts on “The Top Secret Turkey Hideout

  1. My stupid human brother is serving Chinese take-out for Thanksgiving. Guess he couldn’t find any turkeys. They must all be at your house.



  2. Hai Dennis, my mom promised me sum turkey too! She said not too much acuz I get the squirts from too much grease. Do yoo fink yoo can help me get the WHOLE bird? Dat wud be pawsome!!


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  3. Ohhh – that looks so interesting! Something like that will never happen in our kitchen 😦 My human is a vegetarian, you know, she doesn’t eat MEAT!!! … So she would probably set all those beautiful, stupid turkeys free… 😦


  4. oh! me! me! me me!!!
    elmer fudd candy gram? yes!
    that’s hysterical!

    I applaud Your family’s brilliant plan! Very admirable, all this plotting. You guys will probably take over the world someday! MWAAAAAAHAAAAAAHAAAAAHAA!!!

    Cheers All! And hey turkeys….I said RUN! 🙂


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