21 thoughts on “Observed Around The House

  1. Dennis,
    Those photos confused me. One has a palm tree in it. That cannot be your yard, right? And then that kitchen. It looks like a house on wheels kitchen. What is going on there?

    Well, at least Trouble is getting something to think about for a change. Where did you dogs get to? Have you already stuffed yourselves on the turkeys that Trixie lured into the oven?


    P.S. Momma has not left her reading chair except to go to work and pee for a couple of days. She came back from the library all excited because she got a copy of “Dexter by Design.” She says those books are as good as your dada’s. Humph.


  2. Hey Dennis can you ask Trouble if I can borrow his tazer? I’ve got a guinea prob and we’d like to invite him over Thursday but can’t catch – ah I mean get close enough to talk to him. k tx Bobo


  3. Do you think Trouble will come and tell you guys what Elmer is plotting or do you think she will go into her renovated condo and catch a nap?

    Heh, heh, heh!



  4. I could not understand the reason they are thinking of my little friend is a rabbit?!!! LOL
    He has cat attitude!
    Tell the little guy to take a nap as well LOL,
    Fabulous post and story, your beans are really talented, congratulations!
    purrs and love


  5. Hahaha.Doraz was right.Your blog it’s really cool;)I love it.You make me laugh with tears just like she does it 🙂

    Have a great day,Dennis!!!


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