31 thoughts on “DOGCON 2

  1. Dennis! Google reader must have gotten constipated. Momma was freaking because she counts on her daily dose of Dennis at a specific time every day. Good thing it finally came through.

    I think there will be enough turkey for everybody, just watch out for buckshot.



  2. Hey D the V.
    I just recently joined a group that is trying to save our local animal shelter.

    I say we turn the cats loose or feed them to the dogs.
    I don’t think the others will go along with it.


  3. How can Tucker be marrying Elmer Fudd? What is wrong with Dennis’s perceptions? That cake does look good, though.



  4. Tucker wazzup with the Elmer-in-a-bride getup – know you love cake, but FUDD??? And Gobblers-in-the-dryer? I guess that’s a pretty good hidey place, but they could get their “gooses” somewhat cooked there too… Mostly, wanna wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving – have a super day – hope you all get super treats too!
    Huggers xo


  5. hmm..something tells me this wont’ end up good. looks as though the plan is now in place for a bountiful thanksgiving feast! smart canines…happy thanksgiving dennis!


  6. Hey Dennis,

    Looks like you’ve got all the turkeys cuz we’re having duck at our house…

    Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving, we’re thankful that you’re our friend.

    Nellie & Calvert


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