The Konglek Invasion Of Earth

Having been brought back to the future by the mysterious Doc Brown with the intention of reversing the Konglek conquest of Earth, we have quickly found ourselves overwhelmed by their sheer numbers. How can we stop an invasion that has already succeeded? Only time will tell …

Doc Brown and I retreat to the relative safety of the DeLorean, where we are protected by the fact that the Konglek/human hybrids evidently don’t know how to operate the vehicle’s unusual doors. However, we are quickly surrounded, as the incessant cries of “Exterminate!” bring more Kongleks rolling in from nearby areas. Doc Brown, horrified, sinks into despair.

Fortunately he has me with him; because I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up.

As I prepare to put my plan into action, the Konglek/human hybrids continue to mill around aimlessly outside the car, unable to exterminate us, but unwilling to abandon their prey.

But then, my backup plan suddenly comes to fruition!

With the Mr. Fusion recharged, we make good our escape from this Konglek-infested time!

Doc Brown has set a course for Planet Petco. Our plan is to arrive just after the Doctor and I make our escape in the Doghouse of Justice, to prevent any universe-destroying paradoxes from occurring as a result of my past self meeting my future self. Once there, we will find out how the Kongleks came to Earth, and stop it from happening. I am sure we will succeed — because I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I … oh, wait, I said that already.

28 thoughts on “The Konglek Invasion Of Earth

  1. Hi Dennis – gosh, our little schnauzer heads are reeling a bit from the time travel paradox stuff, we’re just glad you’re on the case on behalf of Earth so we can relax, knowing we’re in safe paws…! Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.


  2. I REALLY need some of what ever you are drinking!! Brilliant stuff! (Love your banner as well. Christmas is a bit gaudy and cluttered, innit?)


  3. Just Pee-ure luck on your part and the hurling guy!

    Lets get to Petco Planet and see just how successful you really are.



  4. We are way behind in reading and commenting – but what has happened here? Those kongs don’t look anything like the ones we get. that is some very interesting stuffing.

    woos, the OP Pack


  5. Dennis…did you remember the flux capacitor?

    Mr. Wild Dingo works in a VERY large semi-conductor company. He once replied to an e-mail in regards to product development that the product couldn’t be completed because it was missing the flux capacitor. All the engineers on the email got the joke. sadly, a woman in a non-engineering department did not and relayed the info to someone else on the team. oy the red face she must have had when she found out…

    sigh. flux capacitors rule.

    wild dingo


  6. Yes! Yes You are Dennis the Vizsla! And I think You are so super cool bad-ass that You get to say it as often as You like with as much authority as You can muster by golly!!!

    Thanks for saving the world….again!

    Cheers All. 🙂


  7. Dennis, you always manage to save the day! Our momma is sittin’ here at da kitchen table and thinkin’ that you’s human being has a great, happy, candy-like mind an’ wishin’ dey was neighbors☺


  8. Mama still thinks you need to call Dr. Who Dennis…that Doctor Brown dude is a bit spacey!! Plus…Dr. Who..he has prior experience with konglet types!!

    Good Luck and we can’t wait to see how things go on Planet Petco!



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