its the sunday awards and meem show feetchering show toons performd by darth vader!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay welkum to this weeks sunday awards and meem show feetchering darth vader singing my theem song wot i wrote myself!!! welkum to the show darth vader!!!

ok first is not an award nor a meem it is in fakt a treet!!! my gud frend doraz handed owt this yummy candy flower to all her frends chek it owt!!!

doraz verry jenerusly shayrd her candy with the following wurds:

This delicious chocolate flower lollipop is being sent out to ALL OF YOU that have a sweet tooth…like me! I love to have a piece of chocolate with my coffee in the morning! It REALLY gets me going! So, enjoy! Have a WONDERFUL day! Smile, laugh, and eat lots of chocolate!

mmmmm choco — oh wayt i cannot eet chocolat on akkownt of it is bad for dogs!!! oh woe!!! wel stil i wood like all my frends hoo ar abel to eet chocolat to hav sum tayk wun down and pass it arownd as they say!!! ok and now tayk it away darth vader with the first vers of my theem song!!!

ha ha ha ummmm rite ok nekst is sort of a meem it is miss kylies twennyfive days of krismas!!!

now miss kylie is dooing drawings and donayshuns evry week until krismas yoo can reed all abowt it at her blog!!! thanks to miss kylie for hosting this fun eevent!!! ok and ummmmmmmmm now bak to darth vader for maybe the sekund vers of my theem song!!!

ummmm shoor yes that is just how it goze ok now heer is owr last award for the day it is the best blog award from my noo frend tasneem!!!

now yoo may remember this award frum last weeks awards and meem show wen nuthing bad happend to the peepul wot wer suppozed to be singing my theem song ennyway the roolz for this award hav not chaynjd sinse then it is suppozed to be givin to fifteen other blogs so hayng on and i wil fetch the abakus agin ok heer goze!!!

  1. pam and bobo and meja hoo say they think jerry sweet suks but reely dont think that at all!!!
  2. and the beeyootiful blak dog stella and her advise dispensing feeline sidekik ali z!!!
  3. and bodi the gud vizsla dog!!!
  4. and the very skilful snatcher of crums!!!
  5. and my old fart frend the old fart!!!
  6. and of korse their is lynn hoo is tripping with rip!!!
  7. and my gud frend dozer!!!
  8. and my other gud frend hoo luks like dozer or dozer luks like her i am not shoor witch but its daisy the dog!!!
  9. and the fabyoolus fiona and doktor liz!!!
  10. and we cannot forgit nala the hiking ridgeback!!!
  11. nor can we forgit norwood hoo is unleeshd!!!
  12. and then their is nooter the dog hoo is … um …. my gud frend!!!
  13. and my luvly frends the boo bears!!!
  14. and jan frum the farm wot is funny!!!
  15. and to rap things up it is jd and max the schnauzers!!!

ok now bak to darth vader for the third vers of ummmmmm oh hoo am i kidding he is going to sing wotever he feels like singing tayk it away vader!!!

ha ha ha yes ok yoo ar the man all rite darth vader ummm can i hav my howse bak now???  oh deer he duznt seem to want to leev!!!

ummmm thank yoo trouble i think!!! ok bye

Later …

23 thoughts on “its the sunday awards and meem show feetchering show toons performd by darth vader!!!

  1. Ohhhh… where to begin??? You are brilliant???? Yes, I think so – like the songwriting ummmm. Congrats on your awards and to those upon which you bestowed them! Trouble troubles me greatly – doggies: beware. (Mom is laughing her heart out – don’t know what’s up with that, but I’m worried about you pups!)
    xo Sammie


  2. Darth and his posse are more than just a little cool, don’t you think, Dennis? Those raps were not bad at all.

    However, it is a little disturbing that Darth is taking orders from Trouble. He will find out what real Trouble is!

    Thanks for the award on behalf of me and my sidekick Ali Z. It means a lot to both of us.



  3. Lovely Lovely Lovely!!! (I seem to have forgotten bits too! 😆 !! You make WONDERFUL awards shows! Congratulations Everybody!!! Cheers! 🙂


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