thanksgiving weekend at feeesta iland!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay gess wot??? this weekend we got to go to the wunderful dog park feeesta iland in the mithical sitty of sandy eggo chek it owt!!!

ok now heer we on the way to feeesta iland as yoo can see we ar gitting verry eksited and by we i meen me!!!

that myoozik in the bakgrownd is the song poetry boy by the band kind of girl sum of dadas favrit minstrels they ar frum the mithical land of denmark and they no my gud frend nigel buggers!!!

hey nigel yello is definitly yore color!!! but i digress so ennyway heer we arriving at feeesta iland as yoo can see kaos has ensood!!!

no pushing!!! evrywun wil git a tern!!!

heer is mama mayking me and trixie wayt before gitting owt of the car meenwile tucker is alreddy sniffing arownd in the parking lot!!! so unfare!!!

but … but … but …

but we ar verry gud dogs and wayted to be releesd despite the injustiss of the sitchooayshun!!!

finaly krool krool mama reelented and let us owt and thense into the dog park ware we immedyatly mayd shoor that peepul wer putting garbadj in its proper playse!!!

unfortchoonatly they wer oh wel maybe we wil hav better luk nekst time ok now its time to go down to the beetch!!!

evrywun likes to run on the beetch eeven old man tucker!!!

now i no wot yoo ar thinking yoo ar thinking hay dennis yoo got awful klose to the oshun their but thats okay this isnt reely the oshun it is in fakt mishun bay wich is like the oshun after its ben krated so it is mutch mutch calmer!!! and that is why i can stand heer and be the master of all i survay!!!

why yes i am the master of my domayn thanks for asking

whew after all that running arownd we need to relaks and tayk a brake

aaaiiieeeeee dada!!!!!! a littel privasee pleez!!!! i dont tayk viddyo of yoo going potty as far as yoo no!!!!!!! ok i think we need to tayk evrywuns mind off wot they just saw so heer ar sum floofy tayl and pantyloons blowing in the breez for to distrakt yoo!!!

their wer not menny other dogs at feeesta iland wen we got their but we did meet a littel wite dog hoo reminded me of my gud frends dory and bilbo rolld up together:

“hay yoo ar almost as fluffy as me!!!”
“hay yoo ar almost as fluffy as trixie!!!”

beeing the shy type i mostly hid behind mamas legs wile this wuz going on but later on i did sum more running!!!

then we saw this man hoo i think wuz trying owt sum sort of noo flying masheen but unfortchoonatly he cud not git off the grownd and had to settel for gitting pulld arownd on his wheeld contrapshun:

better luk nekst time yoo wood be aeronawt!!! wel by this time tucker was feeling kind of tired so we had wun last snif arownd the grownds before hedding to the eksit:

as yoo can see a gud time wuz had by all chek owt the tales!!!

but unfortchoonatly now it is munday and mama and dada hav to go bak to wurk wich meens no dog park for us today it is verry sad!!! oh wel thats the way it goze rite trixie???

“i smel munday approatching!!!”

ha ha ha i smel another munday too and it duznt smel gud!!! ok bye

24 thoughts on “thanksgiving weekend at feeesta iland!!!

  1. Ha! That will teach momma to wait until lunchtime to read your daily post. At least your followed up with exciting FT and panty loons (which I admire despite the fact that I am kind of scared of Trixie).

    Your little tail sure was going. Did it stop ever all day? You are super springy and good to see old man Tucker getting into the action.

    Momma kept mumbling about how it looked COLD. She is a big whimp.



  2. Wow the calmer ocean, you are brave to get near it. My uncle is moving to a place called TORRANCE which is also the name of the mental hospital where Mom grew up but I think they are 2 different places. I hope.

    Trixie sorta just looks like she tries to get in the middle of you and Tucker while you are doing your running and playing.


  3. You guys have got the way better life than us humans do! I am sooo happy to see you have fun and enjoy life! 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us! Did you notice I had a surprise for you on my blog? 🙂


  4. this was so cool! i loved it. my django would love to play at that park with all those canines..videos are a a great way to personalize the blogging experience, way to go!


  5. Hey, Dennis-

    After yoo hav all that durty, I meen cleen fun at the beech, do yer peeple bring yoo home and give yoo a bath?

    At leest yoo have short furs like me, wut makes yoo wash and ware.

    Yer pal,


  6. Hi Dennis Friend! Wow, that place looks like lots of fun. I looked for you at my ocean, but mommy told me that you go to different one. Really Dennis, the ocean is fun. You just need to dive in. I think you would be a good Vizsla surfer too!


  7. Hi Dennis!! So glad to see your videos at Fiesta Island!!! Its one of our favorite spots too!!!! We should meet there someday like we did at the Secret Pond! Its so neat to see you guys running around!!!! Hugs Joey and Kealani


  8. The Mythical land of Sandy Eggo looks very enchanting and such fun for dogs. You are a very polite dog, Dennis, to let wait your turn! Alice is polite too, but Sammy would have run everyone down because he is not at all polite! Liked your tunes, too.


  9. Great post – we loved watching you all have fun at Fiesta Island – sure looks like a great place to run and run and run. You were so good to stay in the car and wait. Yesterday Phantom gave Mom a good scare at the vets’ parking lot. She had our leashes hooked to a carbiner in the minivan so we wouldn’t go running when the side door slid open. But somehow the hook on Phantom’s leash had come undone and he took off to the grassy area before she realized it. Amazing for a Sibe, but he came right back when she called him – he got lots of hugs and praise too.

    Woos, the OP Pack


  10. That looks like my kind of dog park! We haven’t been able to go in ages because it just keeps raining here! I think I’ll watch the videos again and live vicariously through you!



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